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I was informed, just after posting the last entry, that my bag had been found--in my home airport. Not Minneapolis, not Portland, not Seattle, but back home. Apparently someone was a little too efficient in trying to get it back to me. They said they'd send it up here and deliver it to the hotel; it finally made it here sometime around 6 p.m. I wanted to hug it when I got it back. ^-^

Also, I am remembering just why we didn't visit my mom's side of the family last year, and why my dad bowed out and let us three come to Washington alone the year before that. I think I'm going to lose my mind. I think I'm indecisive? It's a wonder I can make my mind up about anything considering I get half my genes from these people. If we waste any more time hanging around talking about absolutely nothing and hemming and hawing over the most trivial of decisions, I am going to scream, or get really violent, or something.
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When I posted that incredibly long list of D.C. songs, I forgot the one CD I listened to the most: one I'd burned, mostly of songs [livejournal.com profile] timetakestime sent me. I'm listening to it now, and it's reminding me that nearly all of those songs fit too.

Between the motion and the act falls the Shadow )
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And everything...feels strange. It's home, and it feels like home, but at the same time it doesn't feel like home anymore.

The whole fact that I'm still sickish and didn't sleep enough last night, and have now spent over an hour on here doing nothing, having drunk almost nothing and eaten less, doesn't help. I now have a headache from sleeplessness and dehydration. I really, really don't want to go to work, and when I put in The Everglow just now to cheer myself up a bit, I realized it hasn't been played in so long that it now reminds me of last summer. And summers now seem to be very uncomfortable times for me. I really wish music didn't make these associations like this--a song reminding me of something is fine, but not when it brings this vague, undefinable uneasiness with it. I'm just kind of...screwed up right now, which I expected, but yeah.

Like Churchill, though, I can sort of say that I have a song for every period in my life. This trip certainly accumulated a lot of them.

I didn't listen to a lot of music on the D.C. trip, but a lot of what I heard seemed to apply oddly well to one part of it or another )

Going to have breakfast and attempt to accomplish something now.
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-Apply for honors program *gag*
-Apply to Western Baptist even though I won't be going there scratch that, I can't even find a deadline on the site)
-More yard work
-Cards (Father's Day etc.)
-Apply at Sam's and Wal-mart
-Clean the rest of my room
-Dust my room
-Go through stuff in dresser
-Go through stuff under bed
-Go through massive amounts of stuff in chifferobe
-Finish setting up filing cabinet
-Clean the bathroom
-Set up interview thing for Fred Meyer
-Change orthodontist appointment
-Pick up senior video from school office
-Check to see if final transcripts have been sent to UAA
-Write more thank-you notes
-Find a picture for my dad

Agh. I know there was more. I have too much to do and I can't even think of most of it, so I don't do any of it. And then of course there are things I actually want to do:

-Type up ideas notebook
-Type up other notebook
-Type up Wormhole, finally
-CD-ROM stuff, like ZooTycoon and The Sims
-Take more stock pictures
-Submit pictures from the last several trips
-Do various computer maintainance
-Photomanips. Like my hopelessly late reward for [livejournal.com profile] faeriemaiden catching my 2K pageview. GOSH.
-Do more with this LJ
-Update my photo album...again
-Update my binder of stories, again
-Write Blade That Was Broken, part 2 (yeah, first I need more inspiration)
-Learn to use the cheap little recorder my mom bought me from a garage sale
-Find out more about free sword lessons--probably too late
-Find out about tae kwon do stuff, again probably too late
-Weed out/respond to some of my 400+ e-mails
-Put up reviews for various stuff on Amazon
-Weed through enormous amount of message centre items on dA

And I can't even think of other stuff because there's too much and I'm 90% positive none of it will ever get done.

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