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I will try to put together something more specific to the fandoms I requested really soon here, but for now I'll just direct you to last year's Yuletide letter. The general stuff and links are all still accurate, as is nearly all the fandom-specific stuff listed for Echo Bazaar and Baldur's Gate, allowing for the year in between (I finished Throne of Bhaal and the first BG game quite some time ago, for instance), because I've requested those fandoms again. Otherwise, the rest of my Yuletide tag might be helpful...and I love the idea of the Misses Clause challenge, so if you can work that in logically, it would be pretty fantastic.
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You know, for Yuletide? And so far the only person who's commented is still the recipient? Even though a couple other people gave it kudos and it's somehow had 100+ hits? And I said I was going to write more and then I did because it's what I was working on for my "okay, my New Year's resolution is that I'll work on some fiction that I actually enjoy, at least in theory, for 10 minutes a day"?

Today I finally finished typing it all up and posted the additions, which ended up being two additional chapters on AO3 (and ff.net, when I cross-posted there) or 6,000+ words. That's a lot of writing, you guys. Especially considering it's been ages since I've, you know, actually finished something, let alone finished something that attempted to have a plot. (Funny thing--I think this is the longest fic I've actually finished, and it's...for a fandom I've never written before.) Cross-posting at [livejournal.com profile] theturningworld also took approximately forever, mostly because those also had to be in multiple parts.

OKAY LOOK WHAT I AM SAYING IS this fic took a long time (well, a lot of actual writing-time--as "total time from beginning to end on a fic" goes, this was...probably one of my shortest? Even though it has the longest word count? That's...embarrassing) and I put a decent amount of work/effort into it and, you know, Baldur's Gate has a very active modding community but not much in the way of an active fandom that I can tell--there are four whole communities for it here on LJ, two of which are Russian and one of which hasn't had a post since 2004 (the remaining one was Feb. 2010), and there are probably other places I can post it but I'm not totally sure where yet since I've never done a fic for a game fandom before...so basically it's not really being read or at the very least pretty much no one's commenting. Which is sad.

So...it would be really really nice if some of you guys could check it out? Obviously it helps if you've played either of the games, because I do use a lot of characters, items, and places from canon, but honestly you'll be pretty good with just what you can learn from Wikipedia about the first game or even just basic knowledge of how adventuring-party fantasy-RPG works. Or just take it as straight fantasy, for that matter, most of the canon stuff I refer to is fairly self-explanatory in context. Probably. There are girls being awesome! And angst! And sisterly family-that-you-make cuteness! And okay, I'm finding a number of communities that would probably be okay for cross-posting so I'll maybe get just a few more comments, but...BUT STILL. I WANT YOU GUYS TO READ THE STUFF I WRITE. PRETTY PLEASE? YOU CAN READ IT ON AO3 OR [livejournal.com profile] theturningworld OR FF.NET, WHICHEVER YOU LIKE BEST. Okay I am turning off the capslock now.
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Only one, despite intentions of writing treats and/or participating in Yuletide Madness. Well--I had to get class work and grading done first, and then there wasn't a lot of time left, so...NYR, maybe. Or next year. And it was my first Yuletide, after all.

In any case, I wrote the Baldur's Gate fic "what we have is enough" for [livejournal.com profile] blueinkedpalm; I intended to go further with established canon so Skie could deal with her father's death but didn't quite have time to do that, so at this point I'm still planning to add a second chapter or something to the same effect. I probably won't repost it at [livejournal.com profile] theturningworld or ff.net until I've done that, although it shouldn't take me too long.

My assignment had three different fandoms, naturally, but Baldur's Gate was the only one with which I had any familiarity...and that only from having finished Shadows of Amn and most of Throne of Bhaal, so I may have panicked a little when I saw that [livejournal.com profile] blueinkedpalm preferred a story set in the first game, focusing on characters I hadn't actually met. Of course, if you've followed my witterings on Twitter about this game in general, you know that this was really a good thing since I suddenly had a fairly legitimate excuse to spend even more time playing BGI than I might have otherwise. Getting enough of a handle on Skie, Eldoth, and Dynaheir to write them was a little tricky since I hadn't played them before and, thanks to the nature of the first Baldur's Gate game, it's hard to get a feel for most of the NPCs as three-dimensional characters. (The mods I used helped a lot, of course--without that there wouldn't have been much of...anything.)

I ended up playing out a number of different scenarios with Skie and Eldoth to see how they'd react in different circumstances, and the fic I ended up writing certainly wasn't perfect, but I'm fairly satisfied with it. (I'll be more satisfied once I extend it, but I think it's decent as is.) It won't make as much sense if you aren't familiar with the Baldur's Gate universe, obviously, but it should still be readable as long as you know that it's a fairly basic fantasy-adventure RPG game, and you have a party and you go around killing things and gradually getting richer. More or less. It may also be worth noting that 1) Minsc is my FAVORITE but I'm not sure how to write him exactly, and the exchange described actually came from some dialogue in the modded game, and 2) the scene where Imoen shoots Skie with an Arrow of Dispelling was the first one I thought of. Actually I wanted to write that even before I had any idea what else I'd be doing, because...I don't know, I just really liked that situation.

I've also been meaning to do a reccs post and had some copied in from my bookmarks, I just...haven't had time to write about why, exactly, said fics are awesome? Also I still haven't read anywhere near as my Yuletide fics as I mean to, so my reccs would pretty much be "hey, here's everything I actually read and bookmarked". So that'll happen...later, I guess.
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Because...I never update unless I can paste in something I've already written? Which I can because I sent this out to family yesterday? Only my timing is really stupid because it's like 6 days until my birthday and 17 until Christmas? (...I should really start mailing packages.)

So I'm not totally sure what the point is of posting this here, but...you know, just in case...anyone wants to know the kinds of things I'm lusting after...? Although if you follow me on Tumblr you probably have a pretty good idea already. Alternately, you can just view it as a "HAY GUYS LOOK IT'S COOL STUFF WHAT I WANT AND I BET YOU DO TOO, LET US LUST AFTER IT TOGETHER".

Long list with links, and also rambling. Pasted directly from the e-mail because I'm lazy. )

Things I would also love that don't cost money:
  • Well, knitting me an Alot would cost some time and money, but...it's crafting, so...
  • If anybody made fanart for anything I've written (or for any of the fandoms/ships I love, in general), I would possibly die of delight. Especially if it was fanart for any of my original fiction. Especially Thieves' Honor.
  • Fic, natch. You all probably have a pretty good idea of the kinds of things I like, although more specifically, I would also really love:
    • any of my Yuletide prompts, since obviously I'm only guaranteed to get one
    • fic for other small fandoms that I didn't request for Yuletide, like Firebird or Shaun Tan's The Arrival or...actually I can't think of any others offhand.
    • crossovers of Doctor Who with...just about anything, but I really really want to see the TARDIS land on the Satellite of Love. It would be epic. (Also I'd love to see the TARDIS landing in Aperture Labs shortly after the events of the first game because, you know, scary sentient computer who is Still Alive, someone should do something about that. Which might mean ignoring canon established by the new ending sequence and what we know so far about Portal 2, but I'm okay with that. Also I would love to see GLaDOS interacting with River Tam. I have no idea how that could possibly work but I suspect it would be awesome.)
    • also if you wanted to make a story out of anything tagged "holding stories inside" on Tumblr, that would cool. Uh, except that's basically everything. The ones I really want stories for are tagged "so many stories here" and there aren't as many of those. Also there's my "basically I love everything about this picture" tag which often overlaps.
  • FANMIXES. Basically same as everything I said about fanart. Or, you know, even just a "hey here's some music you might like!"

Dear Santa

Nov. 25th, 2010 12:49 am
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I've never done Yuletide before, which...may be readily apparent from my sign-up? I don't know. So probably this is going to be more long and rambly than is likely helpful, because I keep thinking of more things to add, so...uh, sorry about that?

In general, stuff I like: crossovers (Doctor Who can fit into anything, basically); girls being awesome (especially with magic); girl friendships; any kind of longstanding, extremely comfortable and loving relationship, either platonic or romantic, where the people involved really, truly know each other and feel equally okay with sharing painful secrets and good-naturedly teasing each other; worldbuilding, I am such a sucker for awesome worldbuilding, which is one of my favorite things about any fandom, so if you choose to write a fandom that's already got a pretty richly developed world and you can expand on that or make it come alive in ways the original canon doesn't, I will be thrilled; psionics in general because telepathy and telekinesis are just cool; surreal dream sequences; experimental, meta-y things that play with textuality and the power of story or just with stylistic stuff; awesome poetry, like that of Eliot or Edna St. Vincent Millay or somebody, being Important somehow because I heart it; cities in general and urban fantasy and the sort of magic that exists there just by virtue of all this human history and stories packed into one place, and places that are beautiful in their ugliness and grittiness, and decaying abandoned buildings, and the juxtaposition of modern and ancient that takes place in really old cities, and old buildings still being used and awesome little alleys and courtyards and cobblestone streets and...things. Small vignetty fics? Fics with actual Plot (harder in this setting, probably, so don't sweat it)? Both awesome. Develop characters that were underdeveloped in canon? Expand on tantalizing hints we already got? Also awesome. I'm generally happy with genfic--family relationships, whether biological or of the family-we-make type, and friendships seem to be underexplored in fandom--but I do have my favorite pairings, which are always canonical. Angst can be fun if it's not too over-the-top. AU is cool if it's labeled that way--I tend to prefer canon-compliance, although with the actual fandoms I've requested, I guess it's not so much a canon/text as much as a world or premise, so...go wild, seriously. I'm very much into spec-fiction in general, for what that's worth. I love steampunk, urban/contemporary fantasy, science fantasy (don't care for the term "space opera," but I'm not very sciencey either, so I'm not as good with hard SF), some horror. But honestly, I'm quite likely to be happy with almost anything, because...small/rare/nearly nonexistent fandoms! A fic written just for me! That's plenty enough to make me thrilled. (I could also just link to [livejournal.com profile] faeriemaiden's Yuletide letter and say "What she said, pretty much, but with different fandoms.") My Tumblr is also a good source for Stuff I Like in general (as is the Tumblr for a novel I'm kind of working on, at least as far as city-aesthetic goes). Also relevant may be [livejournal.com profile] theturningworld, my writing journal, and/or my pages at ff.net and AO3, both of which have a lot of favorites bookmarked.

Stuff I don't like: Smut, PWP, explicit sex, whatever you want to call it...I know this makes me an oddity in fandom, but I tend to find it awkward and voyeuristic rather than sexy. Sex itself is fine, I'm just really not that interested in explicit stuff--so, PG-13-level or lower, I suppose. Same goes for kinks--a little is fine, but again, nothing super explicit, please...and if it's too far off mainstream (humiliation, "water sports," dub-con/non-con presented as romantic, that sort of thing), I'm probably gonna be pretty squicked out. Generally prefer gen or het. Otherwise: character-bashing (I mean, unless it's a canonically bad character or something), general meanspiritedness, really excessive gore or language, racism, sexism, anti-religious stuff (I'm a Christian, so...), infidelity...I don't know, stuff that's just gross and/or uncomfortable? Generally speaking I'm happy with almost anything, so yeah.

Cut for fandom-specific stuff in unedited, incoherent notes that I need to fix )
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I'm working on a "Dear Yuletide Writer" letter, I promise. >_< It's currently in, uh, note form that is probably not helpful to anyone. [livejournal.com profile] faeriemaiden is a good resource for general questions on what I like, though, even if she's not necessarily familiar with the fandom you're writing for me (which...will only be true if you picked the Baldur's Gate universe in which case [livejournal.com profile] warriorofshadow would be a good person to ask).

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