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Title: Only the Cause and End of Movement
Fandom: Harry Potter
Format & Word Count: Fic, 2,000 words
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Tonks, with appearances by Ted and Andromeda Tonks
Description: Angst with a side order of romantic fluff.
Warnings: Various Deathly Hallows spoilers regarding Remus and Tonks' relationship. Also, did I mention angst?
Summary: Remus comes home for the last time.

(love is itself unmoving, only the cause and end of movement)

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO READ. AND COMMENT. For some reason I've only gotten a small handful of comments on this even though I've crossposted it all over the place, which I find really weird--is the Harry Potter fandom not quite as active anymore, or something? Because I got more responses to my Doctor Who and DW/HP crossover fics, and I'd have thought crossovers would have a more narrow audience...but, you know. Whatever.

Anyway yeah, all comments are ♥ -- I always love to hear what does and doesn't work about my writing, since that kind of feedback can really help me improve and...things.
100indecisions: my chains are broken (Ginny says o rly?)
...because I haven't been posting and have been studiously avoiding both spoilers and discussions, partly because I was busy and partly because...I don't know.


Who will die: Voldemort. Has to. I would really like to see some other prominent Death Eaters go too--I'd love to see Neville finish off Bellatrix (if he dies in the process, that would be tragic but relatively okay), for instance. I'm sure some good guys will go too; probably a Weasley or two, which will make me cry no matter who it is, and...I don't know...I wouldn't be surprised to see Hagrid go. I love him, but I'd be happier to see him go than Certain Others, so yeah. Also would be okay with Moody's death, even though he's also awesome, because NOT REMUS NOT REMUS NOT REMUS. OR TONKS. *stuffs them both into the TARDIS for protection* Otherwise, I really don't want Harry to die and I sort of don't think he will, partly because it'd be a tricky feat to accomplish since 99% of the canon has been third-person-limited from Harry's POV. I also very much don't want the rest of the Trio, or Ginny, to die. But mostly NOT REMUS NOT REMUS NOT REMUS. (I'm less worried about Tonks, because Remus has had such a tragic story arc so far I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it ended with his death, but... NOOOOO.

Also I think Snape is probably going to end up dead. Whether he's good or not (and I'm tentatively voting for "good, but still a petty, vindictive git harboring a schoolboy grudge," mostly because having him be evil all along would be boring, and partly because while Dumbledore's made mistakes in the past, he's never been this wrong...well, scratch that--I believe that Dumbledore had things somehow in control more than I believe that Snape knew he was somehow working within Dumbledore's plan), I just can't see him living past the end of this book.

I also think Wormtail is going to end up dead. It just...sort of has to happen.

Ship predictions: REMUS/TONKS FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. *coughs* Er, yes. I want them to marry and she can burn toast for him while they grow old together. *wibbles at them* I also expect Ginny to be stubborn and to insist on accompanying Harry, or otherwise refusing to sit quietly by; I wouldn't be surprised to see Voldemort use her against Harry, though. I want to see Bill and Fleur get married, and I want some more cute, awkward, occasionally bickering Ron/Hermione. I'd also like to see some Neville/Luna, even though JKR says it's not happening (speaking of which, how much did OotP/f ship Neville/Luna? I mean, seriously).

Deathly Hallows: It's got to be the Horcruxes, hasn't it? I thought this was pretty obvious, but apparently there's actually a lot of debate on it, so now I don't know anymore.

Other stuff I'd like to see: Dumbledore said that Wormtail was now in Harry's debt, which hasn't been mentioned since PoA. I really want to see something come of this. I also want Remus and Tonks, and preferably some Eliot, Being Important for, you know, stuff. I'd like to see Ginny get in trouble because of her connection to Harry (and her past connection to Riddle) whether or not it's her fault for following him, but I'd love to see her manage to do something cool because of this to get herself out of this situation (maybe with a little help) to show she's a good match for Harry. 'Cause she is. I want to see the Trio do an extensive amount of traveling to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes, largely so we can see more of wizarding Britain (heck, if Voldemort hid some Horcruxes somewhere outside the UK, I'd be even more thrilled; I'd love to see more of the wizarding world). I also have this odd desire to see them doing stuff in the Muggle world during their search, maybe back at Tom's orphanage, and I'd like to see them discovering previously unseen/unknown parts of Hogwarts (because I can't imagine a normal year seven, but I also can't imagine things not coming back to Hogwarts at some point). I want to see Harry going into something knowing he's going to die and completely willing to sacrifice himself to take Voldemort down, although I also want to see him Not Die. I do love me a self-sacrificial hero.

I also would like to see a Bat-Bogey Hex. No, serious. Do you have any idea how many times Ginny using it has been mentioned, and we still haven't really seen what it does?

...and at the very end, the TARDIS is going to materialize in the middle of the last battle between Harry and Voldemort, and Ten and Remus and possibly Sirius are going to come out and Save The Day. You know it.
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This would be a fic I finally finished a few days ago and typed up yesterday--for the first [livejournal.com profile] nest_of_spiders prompt. Yes. It was a busy semester, what can I say? (Also, my title is lame.)

Title: The Morning After
Characters: Remus, James, Sirius, a bit of Peter; mentions Snape
Rating: G
Word count: 696
Disclaimer: All the usual ones. The bits about werewolf laws are, by and large, pulled out of my nether regions.
Summary: There are pranks, and then there are pranks. Sometimes, though, the joke goes too far.
Prompt: Day 1 (shut up): A joke's a very serious thing.
A/N: Not Sirius/Remus. Took a different direction with the prompt than the quote was going, I think, but that's how the plotbunny bites.

'It wasn't funny,' Remus says. )


May. 7th, 2007 07:21 pm
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Okay, so basically I'm the Most Horrible Person in the Universe, Ever, and would you like to know why? Well, I will tell you: last August (the 23rd, I believe), [livejournal.com profile] ressie_noldo had a birthday. And in advance of said birthday, she requested birthdayfic of Sirius Black in a trenchcoat. I started working on it the week before her birthday. I really, truly did.

And then, uh...well, first of all, it got long. I figured it would be short (because there was no plot. It was young!Sirius. In a black trenchcoat. Who needs plot?) and then it kept going and going, mostly because I didn't just sit myself down and write it in one sitting like I planned to, and then the fall semester started, and it was Bad, and I kept working on it even more slowly, and then Christmas break started, and it was also Bad, although I did manage to use some of my breaks at work to type it up and that. According to an old entry, I actually finished the thing around Dec. 22, 2006. And I wrote an oddball summary of it in my 2006 fanfic review even though I still wasn't ready to post it.

So, um...it's totally taken me this long to finish editing it. Mostly because I wasn't, you know, actively working on such an awful lot. I did do some of that during Christmas break, and then it just sort of...didn't happen...and on my little trip to Indianapolis I finally printed it out and made notes all over it on the airplane flight home (after doing homework. Yes, I did homework on the plane. It wasn't fun. Accomplished a lot, though.), and it still took me until yesterday to put in all those edits and then today to post it. Because I am just that awesome.

Anyway...yeeeah. Is it slightly problematic that as soon as I started thinking about this fic (over six months ago, shut up), I immediately started picturing Sirius in a black trenchcoat, and that said black trenchcoat made me temporarily picture him like Amon from Witch Hunter Robin? Because he's pretty fangirl-bait, and he also has longish black hair and a black trenchcoat. Except he broods a lot more than Sirius does. (You can see Amon's coat better in this picture or this one.) Other disclaimers: most of the Muggle-obsession bits were inspired by either [livejournal.com profile] ressie_noldo or [livejournal.com profile] faeriemaiden , so I'm afraid I can't take much credit for most of those; I don't think I wrote Walburga well at all; I thought this would be strictly funny but should have known better, considering my tastes, so yes, it goes pretty quickly into angst; I think my ending is kind of lame; no, I really couldn't help getting in a dig at Sirius/Remus; this is my first James-centric fic, which is weird because I've written Sirius and Remus before but never James, but the plotbunny just wanted James this time; and my treatment of Peter is making me feel like a Suethor. But it's not my fault, I swear--for one, I'm not good at writing more than a few people in a scene, and I don't feel I know Peter's personality well enough to write him properly, and when I first started thinking about it, I was picturing all of this with only Sirius, Remus, and James, and by the time I realized I'd left Peter out, it was just going to be too hard to shoehorn him back in when there wasn't really anything for him to do. So I had to shoehorn in an explanation for his absence instead.

Yeah, so. Hope you still like, Noldo, especially after the long wait and all my rambling here. >_<
According to Sirius—although James wasn’t entirely certain he believed him—the trenchcoat was the final straw. )

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