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We all worry.

We worry about money. Relationships. Children. Provisions. Health. Safety. Our path in life.

Mostly, we worry about the stuff we can't control. We can't control the future, and that makes us

Every one of us worries, sooner or later. Some make a lifestyle out of it. And what worrying says about us is that
fear has power over us. It says that we'd rather fret than have faith. We'd rather control than surrender. We'd rather live in slavery than in freedom.

Where is our faith? Where is our trust? I've been there when the bottom falls out and life unravels. And what I learned is that having faith when everything's coming up roses... is virtually

It's when your world comes crashing down...
That's the moment you show the world what kind of power fear has. That's when faith becomes real... or doesn't.

When the rubber meets the road, will you give in to worry, or will you trust and believe?

Of course, he does hold the bizarre opinion that Chris Paolini can actually, you know, write. But otherwise he's Really Cool.

Oh, and: Hell Week is over. This is a Good Thing. Until I hit another one, anyway, which will probably be two or three weeks from now.
100indecisions: my chains are broken (world caves in)
Today's Infuzemag.com newsletter says this:
Are you content?

Contentment can be your enemy.

Are you satisfied?

Satisfaction can become your master.

Are you comfortable?

Comfort is a stubborn obstacle.

The people who leave a changed world in their wake are the ones who refuse to accept the status quo. The ones who always ask "why?" and "what if?" The ones who actively seek out whatever challenges them the most.

Not everyone is meant to climb Everest or defeat the Nazis. But if you feel that restlessness in your soul... if you feel that stirring in your heart... or that refusal to accept complacency... If you know that you know you were meant to do something different than what most people in this world do...

Fight for it. Fight your own comfort, your own satisfaction, your own comfort. That special fire was placed in your soul for a reason. So never give in, and never give up.

Go change the world.

Darn right. I just wish I could say it so well.

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