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Yeah, so, the spring term begins tomorrow and I am not remotely ready. Copying from an e-mail to family because it's the only way I make substantive updates anymore:

My rhetoric class starts tomorrow, which I'm not looking forward to because for some reason anything composition/rhetoric just doesn't work with my brain, plus my 10 a.m. aerobic kickboxing class (the only way I'm certain to get regular, decent exercise). Also the first class I'm teaching, ugh. This wouldn't be so bad except 75% of my "omg must get this done during the break" list is still...not done. Not really sure what the arrangements will be for my thesis or an independent study class either, which I need to work out with my adviser. So among other things I really, really need to revise my syllabus (tougher, more specific attendance policy, for one thing, because having like 8 people in class for the last quarter of the term does not make me happy), print up a class roster, and set up Blackboard by class time.

This wouldn't be a problem except first I have to finish this late paper...from the spring term last year...where the professor let me get an incomplete and I was supposed to get everything done over the semester...and I did except for the seminar paper, which...is what I'm still  working on now...which I really hope he'll give me a grade for even though it's stupidly late, because otherwise I'll have to retake that class starting Wednesday and that'll mess up my scheduling if I want to graduate on time (I need to get 9 new credits this term, see, so if 3 of them are repeat, I'll have to get credit instead of money for my DCS work or something to make up for it, which financially would not be great). All because of one paper, yes. Because I have issues, and depression isn't fun, and writing this specific paper has been only slightly less difficult than pulling teeth. So there's that. I've been at my friend Calli's house most of the week, alternating  between video games (she plays and I watch, for the most part, which...is a pretty good way to experience a game if you not good at it yourself) and trying to beat academic words out of my brain. I miss Scully but I've been getting some stuff done, so. Also she's writing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign so I'll be doing some actual tabletop RPG stuff this term? You know, because I really needed that +10 to my nerdiness stat? Whatever, I REGRET NOTHING. Not the nerdiness, anyway.

The other problem is that this semester is likely to be CRAZY and my ability to deal with it is no less crippled than it's been for the past couple years and more, so...I need to figure out ways to stay on top of things more than I have before, but I can only do that if I can somehow make it not overwhelming, and even the planning involved in theoretically making it not overwhelming is...overwhelming. So that's cool. (Basically this post sums up my ENTIRE LIFE. It's sad.)

Oh right, and one of my major goals for break was to research and apply for some library schools, which didn't happen because I had other priorities I was putting off, so I think I've mostly decided--partly by default since deadlines are coming up but also because it's probably the right decision--to hold off on more school until at least next spring rather than next fall. I'll have been in postsecondary education for six years straight once I finish my master's in English, and I'm just really, really tired of being in school. Figure I'll fill in with jobs from the temp agency I worked through this summer to fill in since I wouldn't be planning to commit to anything indefinitely.

I'm expecting little in the way of replies except my sister saying on Facebook or in person "Good LORD you ramble, I couldn't get through that and no one else did, and omg D&D you are so embarrassing," but...whatever. One of the few things I actually like about myself is that I don't try to present myself as something I'm not, and let's face it, I am rambly and VERY, VERY NERDY.

Oh, and then I posted  this on Tumblr, which I will also paste here because...why not, maybe someone will have a helpful idea:

So here is my problem, internet: I can accomplish things without stress and panic if they are not overwhelming. I’ve made something of a New Year’s resolution to write at least 10 minutes of fiction a day, and I’ve been keeping up with that so far, making good progress in a fic. This way I can always have some kind of creative project going that I actually enjoy. I’ve also resolved to grade two tests/papers a day starting the day I get them back, which is also not overwhelming but will get the grading done faster and easier than the idiotic keep-putting-it-off-and-grade-everything-in-a-panic-after-like-a-month thing I’ve been doing.

So, okay. Maybe I will manage to keep up with class reading and progress on my thesis and stuff if I can make the tasks small and concrete enough to not be overwhelming. Problem is….the planning involved in making huge things not overwhelming is itself overwhelming. Even thinking about what I’d need to do to get to that point is also overwhelming. >_<

So. Uh. Any advice?

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Only one, despite intentions of writing treats and/or participating in Yuletide Madness. Well--I had to get class work and grading done first, and then there wasn't a lot of time left, so...NYR, maybe. Or next year. And it was my first Yuletide, after all.

In any case, I wrote the Baldur's Gate fic "what we have is enough" for [livejournal.com profile] blueinkedpalm; I intended to go further with established canon so Skie could deal with her father's death but didn't quite have time to do that, so at this point I'm still planning to add a second chapter or something to the same effect. I probably won't repost it at [livejournal.com profile] theturningworld or ff.net until I've done that, although it shouldn't take me too long.

My assignment had three different fandoms, naturally, but Baldur's Gate was the only one with which I had any familiarity...and that only from having finished Shadows of Amn and most of Throne of Bhaal, so I may have panicked a little when I saw that [livejournal.com profile] blueinkedpalm preferred a story set in the first game, focusing on characters I hadn't actually met. Of course, if you've followed my witterings on Twitter about this game in general, you know that this was really a good thing since I suddenly had a fairly legitimate excuse to spend even more time playing BGI than I might have otherwise. Getting enough of a handle on Skie, Eldoth, and Dynaheir to write them was a little tricky since I hadn't played them before and, thanks to the nature of the first Baldur's Gate game, it's hard to get a feel for most of the NPCs as three-dimensional characters. (The mods I used helped a lot, of course--without that there wouldn't have been much of...anything.)

I ended up playing out a number of different scenarios with Skie and Eldoth to see how they'd react in different circumstances, and the fic I ended up writing certainly wasn't perfect, but I'm fairly satisfied with it. (I'll be more satisfied once I extend it, but I think it's decent as is.) It won't make as much sense if you aren't familiar with the Baldur's Gate universe, obviously, but it should still be readable as long as you know that it's a fairly basic fantasy-adventure RPG game, and you have a party and you go around killing things and gradually getting richer. More or less. It may also be worth noting that 1) Minsc is my FAVORITE but I'm not sure how to write him exactly, and the exchange described actually came from some dialogue in the modded game, and 2) the scene where Imoen shoots Skie with an Arrow of Dispelling was the first one I thought of. Actually I wanted to write that even before I had any idea what else I'd be doing, because...I don't know, I just really liked that situation.

I've also been meaning to do a reccs post and had some copied in from my bookmarks, I just...haven't had time to write about why, exactly, said fics are awesome? Also I still haven't read anywhere near as my Yuletide fics as I mean to, so my reccs would pretty much be "hey, here's everything I actually read and bookmarked". So that'll happen...later, I guess.
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Also because most of these went in my Random Stuff folder and I only just realized that for some reason, privacy settings kept said folder invisible to everyone but me and those in the UAA network (which is to say, virtually all y'all). So...I don't know what was up with that.

Pictures! )
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Sooo...how many of you have Twitter? Because you should. All the cool kids are doing it. Basically it's kind of like Facebook statuses except more versatile, and also they last longer. (And unlike Facebook, it actually works when I text a tweet, which means I tweet things like "AUGH THIS CLASS IS SO BORING GOING TO DIE" during my hateful Modernist Lit class.

Anyway, if you have Twitter, I'm 100_indecisions on there and you should follow me.


Feb. 7th, 2009 10:07 pm
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Or, "Kyra has another conundrum about what to buy and what not to buy and needs your input AGAIN".

So here is the conundrum: the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] piratecatarina gave me a $20 Amazon gift certificate (for Christmas or birthday, I forget which), and as always I have thought of far too many things I can buy with it. The difficulty, of course, is that I cannot possibly get all of these things, and I would really prefer not to go over the $20 because...I kind of have no moneys. As in, I have about $500 to my name right now (not including the $250 in my retirement fund so far, which I'm not planning to touch, and not including the $300 tuition waiver I should be getting ANY DAY NOW or the $375 when I finish this stupid binder project or the $500 from Fellows I should get at end of term).

Thus: y'all get to help me decide. It also helps that most of this is available used for somewhat less, which is where my math comes from.

[Poll #1345687]

ETA: Oh great, so far I have one vote for each thing except none for the Coraline shirt and none for "other". That's not helpful, I might have to actually MAKE A DECISION OHNOES.
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Very Very Important Public Service Announcement, or at least where "public" means me, seeing as it's my services I'm promoting: Now you can subscribe to my paid blogs by e-mail. Because maybe then you'll comment or at least click on them and then I'll get pageviews which means money? Still doing travel-blog stuff at Dusk Through Narrow Streets and book reviews at Lost Quite Classically. Or of course you can subscribe with something like Google Reader. Either way I don't have much in the way of readers, which makes me a sad sad panda.

Basically, it's really been One of Those Days. Skipped three classes so I could write up a Request for Exception so I maybe won't have to pay for two classes I'm registered for but probably won't be taking once my UEA credits FINALLY TRANSFER, WHAT THE CRAP GUYS, and stayed just long enough in one of the two remaining classes to take a quiz and then book it out of there, because I had to pick up some forms and take them to the University center to drop them off so I could actually sign up for my thesis and waiting until after class was going to cut it way too fine.

So I'm in a hurry anyway, and of course I slip on the ice outside the library and bang up both legs, and then when I get to the elevator since CAS is on the third floor and I hate walking up stairs anyway, much less with bruised knees, of course there's some dude in it fixing...something. I don't know. Whatever, it wasn't working. So I go find the one other elevator in the building. It's not working either. I'm about to go limping up the stairs anyway when another student waves to me from down the hall.

"They're done with the service elevator," he says. "You can use that one."

"Service elevator?" I say intelligently.

"Yeah, it goes up from the loading dock all the way to the roof. Technically students aren't supposed to use it." He dangles a key at me. "Side benefit of being a math major: I'm around here all the time. I know stuff."

"Oookay," I say, but I follow him, because my knees are throbbing in earnest now. I'm trying to think where this building would have a loading dock--or the need for a service elevator, for that matter. The only one I can think of is in the Arts building, and they need it for props and stuff. Oh, and the one in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror; I think about making a joke about this and realize I'll just sound stupid. So instead I say, "You're not telling me the SSB has secrets? It's too boring."

"Every place has secrets," he says very seriously. We get to a hallway that I think runs behind IT Services, maybe parallel to the library, and yes, there's an elevator--the door's kind of dinged up, but it looks...elevatorish. He sticks the key in and turns it, and the doors grind open.

I step in and juggle with my books to push the right button, finally getting it with my elbow. The other student steps back, a half-smile on his face, only he looks...a little sad? Okay. That's weird. The last thing I see as the doors grind shut again is him touching two fingers to his eyebrow in a sort of salute.

Yep. Weird.

The elevator lurches painfully upward; I swear I can hear every individual gear groaning. I rock back and forth, already thinking about the form I need to pick up and whether I can get it to the University Center and back in time for my next class. The elevator seems to be taking an awful lot longer than it should--it's only going to the third floor--but then half the elevators at UAA are crap, and anyway I'm impatient so of course it seems long.

I finally get to the third floor, step out--and stop. The floor is one gleaming length of polished wood, not dingy carpeting, and the ceiling lights look like...I don't even know, I think maybe gas lamps. I've been gone three months, sure, but I was in this building last week, and I know how long it takes them to renovate buildings over here.

Something is ticking.

The clock on the mantle is broken, I think, because I'm a nerd, and go down the hall where the CAS office is. Everything seems to be in the right place, but the decor is still different, and the ticking's getting louder. No, not louder, there's...more of it. More than one clock? There aren't any clocks this loud in the SSB.

I go into the office anyway, because I'm still in a hurry, and only sort of half-notice that the furniture is all heavy wood, sort of neo-Victorian, and there's...quills and ink-bottles on the receptionist's desk? Well...okay then. I start to ask for my form--

And that's when I notice her computer.

It's basically open in the back so I can see right in where all the circuit boards and wires should be, and instead there's...gears. Lots of tiny gears turning in precision, all in burnished iron and bronze and maybe gold, clicking over each other, and they're ticking. Her computer is ticking.

It's a clockwork computer.

The look on my face is probably pretty comical at this point, and when the receptionist asks what I need, I don't really hear her and can't reply anyway. I do the only sensible thing: I blink, hard, assuming I'm imagining things and this is going to go away. When it doesn't I try the other old standby: I chuck my books on a chair, grab one arm with the other hand, and pinch.

Nope. Nothing.

I'm not dreaming.
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Yes, I know, the fact that I change my icons so seldom that every time I do so I feel the need to make an announcement about it probably ought to tell me something. Which it does, but I cheerfully ignore it. Anyway, these are shiny icons.
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Driving to school today, I was stopped at a traffic light and happened to glance at the SUV a lane over. Don't know why I looked at its license plate, but I did, and it said:


No. I'm serious. Padfoot. I wanted to tail the driver and stalk them so I could say just how unendingly awesome a license plate they had, but college beckoned, alas. Still. It was awesome, yo.
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Now I finally know what the whole "rude and not ginger" thing is from. Among other things. ;p Ten swordfighting in PJs...there's something I didn't expect to see.

So, I still like Ten better, because, you know, Tennant and all (I have to say, he hasn't seemed like Barty Jr. all season until his little whatever-that-was after Rose woke him up too early; and it occurred to me, thinking about GoF, that just possibly he was having way too much fun with that role, and that's the only reason for the whole...you know, the tongue thing), but I'm quite liking Nine after seeing the first episode on my DVD set. I think I will particularly like his angst.

But, yeah. Both are shiny and really cute in their own way.

Are all the Doctors so adorkable? ^-^

(Also, I really need some new tags, because mine are almost useless.

And, in totally unrelated news, I think I'm going to die if I don't start getting enough sleep. *bashes own skull in* I am not a morning person, yo.)

ETA: Reading IMDB quotes for The Christmas Invasion reminded me of other parts of it--I about died when he started quoting "Circle of Life" (yes, I recognized it, just shoot me now), and I totally missed his Arthur Dent quote. Hee! That was win. Felt a little sorry for Harriet Jones, but--well, she didn't have to fire.


Dec. 25th, 2006 10:33 pm
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Not to give in to the overwhelming materialism of Christmas and miss the reason for the season and all, but I got a pretty good haul this Christmas. ^-^ (Probably feels particularly good since last Christmas was so odd.) Actually, it was an incredibly geeky Christmas: there was a shiny sword, Inkheart, two T.S. Eliot books (Four Quartets!!!), the boxed set of Doctor Who season 1 (!!!), and a Ravenclaw scarf from [livejournal.com profile] piratecaterina, which she knitted herself. (Watching The Christmas Invasion would have made it geekier yet, but sadly I had to tape it. Nobody else wanted to watch it. Losers.)

I'd post a picture of my with my stuff--I'm looking at one now, actually--except...I'm typing this on the new computer. Yes. We ordered it Dec. 22; the estimate for the ship date was Jan. 4. They made it and sent it the day we ordered it, and it arrived the morning of the 23rd. Only just today got it all set up--I figured we out to clean ought the old one as much as possible first (although we did replace the old monster monitor with the shiny flatpanel new one), but then we realized that just wasn't going to work, so now the shiny new computer is set up where the old one was, and the old one is sitting next to it on an end table. After three days of using just the nice monitor, the old setup feels even worse than before. Yeah, and guess who'll be doing all the transferring and reformatting? No prize for the right answer.

All the same, new computer is quite shiny--decent processor (a good deal faster than the old one, anyway, I can guarantee you that), 1 GB of RAM, 160 GB hard drive--it isn't perfect, I'm sure, but it's so much better than that old piece of junk, you have no idea. (And yes, I'm typing this on Firefox. Downloading it was the first thing I did when I got on here. I don't care if IE 7 is better than 6; I still hate it and think it's ugly. Firefox all the way, baby.) Customizing it will take time, but eh. That's the fun part.

Anyway, I had a merry Christmas, and I hope y'all did too. Unfortunately, mine's about to get a lot less merry, because I need to go to bed in time to get not enough sleep for work tomorrow. Argh.


Nov. 12th, 2006 08:20 pm
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Dark blue '99 Saturn SL, 100,000+ miles:

Immediate repairs to windshield wipers, cracked windshield, brakes, seat, etc.:
$1,000 ($500 after Daddy paid half)

IM testing and registration:

Interior, exterior, and engine detailing:

Insurance for six months:

Miscellaneous car-paranoia stuff (jumper cables, first aid kit, flashlight, fire extinguisher, small shovel, etc.):

No longer having to rely on the bus system and rides from friends to get around:

Um, yes. The vampire finally has a car, which is OMG YAY, despite all the expenses (and yeah, there will be more to come, too) I was sort of prepared for intellectually, but I really didn't realize until now how much of a money sink this thing's going to be. Still: it's very, very exciting just to have a car that's entirely mine. Considering all the repairs it needed (I got it a week ago Friday and didn't drive it for the very first time until just a few days ago--my dad found it, called me, and made the deal without my even having seen it, which is a lot of the reason he paid half the repairs), even $1,700 wasn't really as great of a deal as we originally thought it was, but...well, it's mine now. Even the fact that it's got some odd little quirks (like, okay, the seatbelt easily getting shut in the door, or the wiggling the key needs in the ignition before it'll start the car) is sort of cool just because it means I'll have to get to know this car.

Pictures later; I've got a couple, but they're on my dad's camera, and I don't know what he did with it.

In totally unrelated and random news, I now have the "White and Nerdy" music video and the Monty Python spam sketch on my iPod. Free. This makes me five kinds of happy, seriously. (For the curious, I was all set to buy "White and Nerdy" from iTunes because I liked it so much, and I read a comment saying you could get the same thing free from Google Video. So I looked it up, and sure enough, it was on there, with an option to download in the right format for iPods. The picture quality is great, too. Today it occurred to me I could look up other stuff to add, but I haven't thought of anything except the spam video so far.)

ETA: Pictures!! Me with my car, and a closer shot. Yes, the red-eye is terrible, and yes, I look really stupid in both, but it was dark (obviously) and that's as good as you're going to get for now. I'm just not home when it's light enough to take pictures anymore. (Also, note the snow. Yes. We got a huge dumping...hm...last week of October, I think, and everything was horrible and slushy for a while, and then it slowly froze. I was sure the original snowfall would melt--that always happens--but it actually stayed.)

Well, now.

Sep. 18th, 2006 10:37 pm
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An unfinished Tolkien work will be published in '07.

And I thought I was safe from this sort of thing.

As I said on infuzemag, where I first heard about this, "Blast, now I'll have to put off the epicfic I've been planning about Turin until this comes out. Wouldn't that be something--getting canon'd by Tolkien, who died before I was even born!"
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Namely: I haven't had a new sword since Christmas, and I've been planning for ages to get a couple new ones from BudK. Actually when I was in D.C. I told myself I could get them once I got another paycheck from work, but then I kept putting it off because I didn't want to drop another $50 ($20 of that is shipping--this is one of the few times I hate living where I do) at one time. And now I can't decide if I really want the exact sword I've had in my shopping cart or not.

See, I'm getting the Samurai warrior sword for sure; my friend has one just like it, and I love playing with hers (only she got it for seventy or eighty bucks from somebody here in town, and as you might have noticed, this one is twenty). The other one I wanted was the Galaxy Samurai Sword in yellow. The minor problem is, I still want that sword, but I can't decide if I still actually want it in yellow, or if I should get it in black or orange instead. 'Cause...I mostly wanted the yellow because it would go well with this camo dragon tank top I have, and it would look a little futuristic with a black outfit. For pictures, you know. But I'm now realizing that while the black one doesn't look quite as futuristic and all by itself, it would also go with a lot more. And I like the orange one, too. So I don't know.

...Yes. I am totally obsessing about accessorizing with my swords. *headdesk*
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I'm in Washington now, currently, to visit my mom's side of the family. It's not as hot here as it was in Minnesota, which is a Very Good Thing (although even there it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been--we were watching the Weather Channel last night and it seems to be in the 90s and 100s almost everywhere). This hotel has a computer to use free, which is also a Very Good Thing. Also, I slept in the same bed as someone else (my sister, and only my sister, pervs) for the first time in over a year last night, and I actually...had a pretty decent night's sleep.

Unfortunately I didn't really get any writing done at the Corner at all, because...heh...I'm still trying to finish off the journal I should have written every day, but didn't have time, in D.C. I do want a good record of that trip, but it's getting sort of ridiculous. I'll be lucky if I finish it by the flight home and get a little real writing done then.

However, my suitcase--my massive suitcase, jus under the weight limit from other people's stuff and all the garage sale shopping I did in Minnesota--is currently missing. The airline has checked the Portland and Seattle airports, to no avail, and apparently the last resort is the Minneapolis airport. Pray I get it back, okay? I don't need it back soon--I can buy enough clothes and toiletries for the last few days of this trip--but I really, really want this bag back. I got all kinds of great stuff for almost nothing when I was down there: a cheap copy of the new Pride & Prejudice movie, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, a light green prom dress for only $3, a black dress cape, a pair of dress pants, a red cashmere cardigan that's in fairly decent shape, a vintage-looking plaid skirt...well, and then there's all the other clothes I took with me, too, like tank tops I've only worn once, and a pair of jeans I haven't worn at all, and books I got when one of the Christian bookstores in town was closing, and...all kinds of things. So yeah. Some of that--the newer clothes--I can probably replace...I know I've got a couple t-shirts I really like that I can't get back...I'd never be able to get all that great garage-sale stuff back, of course, which would be sad.

Also, I have finally read Pride and Prejudice, and I have decided--based on a sentence near the end of the book--that Mr. Bingley is a Hufflepuff. *nods* He's so cute; I adore him. Mr. Darcy's cooler, of course, but I love Bingley too.
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I died in the Dungeon of Charismitaine

I was killed in a sloping throne room by 1 2 Suckerpunch the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

a Figurine of Bomburjo, the Shield of Cat Bird, the Amulet of Tarancalime, the Amulet of Anatoleofparis and 19 gold pieces.

Score: 59

Explore the Dungeon of Charismitaine and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Just for the record, [livejournal.com profile] 1_2_suckerpunch had way less HP than I did; for some unexplainable reason, I was turned to stone when I attacked. Pfft.

However, this dungeon did provide me with some quotes that were amusing as heck:

You are walking through a damp maze of passages. A wooden sign warns of warm laundry )

Now to see if I survive my own dungeon.

I died in the Dungeon of Lady Moriel

I was killed in a fire-ravaged library by Plentyofpaper the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Dagger of Queene Icons, the Dagger of Swords, the Crown of Secretguardian, the Crown of Edgeofsilence and 71 gold pieces.

Score: 110

Explore the Dungeon of Lady Moriel and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Twigberry the gelatinous cube quivers before you )

Honestly. I couldn't even survive my own dungeon? Should have got out while the getting was good, I guess.

ETA: That's a bit better.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Lady Moriel!

I killed Honorh the floating eye, Faequeene the leprechaun, Deu Sex Machina the floating eye and Noldo the goblin.

I looted the Crown of Edgeofsilence, the Crown of Secretguardian, the Dagger of Swords, the Dagger of Queene Icons and 104 gold pieces.

Score: 254

Explore the Dungeon of Lady Moriel and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

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Er, yes, I now have quotes from "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" (just from the one little bit quoted over on my sidebar, because I heart it) for most of my links and stuff in here. It makes me happy. And geeky. And geekishly happy. And stuff. Now I should really change my name and icons, but eh. Maybe tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and my mom thought the dude on Take-Home Chef had a British accent, and I allowed as how I couldn't be sure but I thought it was probably Australian. So I looked it up and I WAS RIGHT. HA. My prowess at interpreting accents is slightly better than I thought.

Also, I just added BehindTheName to my Firefox search bar. It just occurred to me today that maybe I could, so I did a search and IT WAS THERE. So I added it. And it is shiny, because Firefox is shiny (so exponentially much shinier than IE), and you should download it and use it.
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Not dial-up friendly; I fail at getting them to a decent size )
Also, check out my profile. There are new things. One new thing, in particular. *smirks*

*is done being random*
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I was mad at myself for taking too long this morning and getting in late to my English final, but then I got out of there even earlier than I would have on a normal day (in theory, the final wasn't even supposed to be over now, and I've been out of there for...gosh...nearly two hours? I have my honors oral exam coming up, which I promise I'm going to study for shortly, but yeah...

Anyway, besides getting out of English so early, I have various reasons why this might just be a good day, even though it's still finals week:
  • The English "final" was supposed to be a three-minute presentation, and today the professor cut it down to one whole minute, in which we told the class about a single piece of writing. That class is such a joke. I already know I got a hundred percent on my portfolio, and with my hundred points of extra credit, I only need five out of a hundred points on the cover letter and résumé to get an A in the class.
  • Finals week is nearly over. What could be better?
  • I used some of my extra time to go down to Value Village, because I was there Tuesday before getting my foot looked at again and I found this great demin skirt that had a corset-style lace-up thing instead of a zipper on the front--and didn't get it, because I wasn't in the mood to try on anything but shirts, with my foot and all. So today I went back for it, and it wasn't there, but I did find two Artemis Fowl books (The Arctic Incident and The Eternity Code) and something that will pass quite well for a Ravenclaw tie. It's not official, of course, but it's dark blue with silver and bronze pinstripes. It mixes book and movie canon, heh.
  • I just discovered Absynthe Muse, which looks like an awesome site, and I'm going to sign up as soon as I get home.
  • Through a link on Absynthe Muse, I also just discovered wikiHow. Heck yes. Instructions for almost everything? This will be great if I ever need to know how something's done for a story. And I can add it to my Firefox search bar when I get home. YAY.
100indecisions: my chains are broken (eliot winter)
1) Just found a nice long list of Edna St. Vincent Millay's poems. I've only looked at a few, but it's really rather interesting--I haven't seen any others in the same style as "Dirge without Music." Apparently she could write in a number of different styles. Whatever the case, "Dirge without Music" is worth so many different kinds of squeeing.

2) I just titled all the photographs in my portfolio. Out of 13 titles, two are from Eisley songs, one is from the abovementioned "Dirge witout Music," and six are from Eliot. *does the geekish happy-dance*

3) Remember how last week's Honors newsletter had a quote from The Waste Land? Well, so does this week's:
April is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

100indecisions: my chains are broken (badfic evil smirk)
Well, I had some concerns about Daemin and posted about them--vaguely--on Deleterius, and then at [livejournal.com profile] redcoast's suggestion I reposted it (and added some background info) on [livejournal.com profile] oc_analysis. One helpful person gave me a link to a very good Mary Sue test that isn't fandom-specific at all--in fact in can be used for either fanfiction or original fiction (though really, what with the high Sue points gained from being related to/sleeping with canon characters, fandom-specific tests are probably best for fanfic Sues).

Naturally, I ran Daemin through it )

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