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I never did post a wishlist before my birthday or Christmas. Not that anyone was begging me to. But I like listing stuff I want. :p But then that post-here-and-I'll-make-you-something meme was going around (...um. I don't think I've finished anything for anyone on my list. Possibly haven't started any.), and I posted on several others', so I figured I might as well post the part of the wishlist that are things people could, you know, actually make. In case anyone wants any ideas, or...whatever.

  • A cunning hat. Because.
  • I have to admit: the Secret Life of Dolls kind of had a big influence on me getting into action figures. I mean, I wanted a Ten action figure anyway, but now I have him, Rose, Martha, and Angel, plus a 12" Clockwork Droid doll. And I want more, like Coraline (okay...I think I've seen two or three different face sculpts for each version of the doll and I can't figure out whether I'd be getting the one I want) and Edward Elric and Spike if I could find a good one. But what I really, really want are three that don't exist: Death of the Endless, Tonks (seriously, why isn't there a movie!Tonks in her DoM outfit? That would be perfect), and River Tam. I have thought about cannibalizing an existing doll for one of these purposes, but none of mine are right; all I have are old Barbies, and not only do none of them have the right coloring for any of these three, their faces and shapes are...well, come on, do you think Death or River really look like Barbies? (Tonks could, although I expect she ordinarily doesn't. And I wouldn't want her to, natch.) If I had gobs of money, I could piece together a perfectly satisfactory River, Tonks, and/or Death from the kinds of dolls and clothes at places like the Denver Doll Emporium, but when the naked doll alone can run anywhere from $50 to, like, $600...well, yeah. But if anyone has got some dolls/action figures or knows where to get them cheaply and could make a convincing River/Death/Tonks, that would be so awesome. (I might be able to make a decent Death out of my sister's old Arctic Barbie, assuming she still has it, along with some white and black model paint and goth-girl clothes, but adult Barbies have such a weird shape, and they really aren't very flexible...)
  • This kitten. Or this one.
  • Or a red panda! Especially if it's a baby one! Heck, a normal panda would be cool too.

There are so many fics I'd love to read but, for whatever reason, don't feel qualified/inspired to write, so I pass them on to you. And they get their own list. Annnd nearly all of them are crossovers. I dunno, that seems to be the easiest way to think of "Hey this would be AWESOME! But I have no idea how to write it, but someone should!" ideas.
  • Ten meets Dumbledore. Two mad, brilliant old men--they'd get along great. Bonus points if Ten puts his feet up on Dumbledore's desk. (And no I do not mean Ten/Dumbledore, geez.
  • Molly Weasley meets Jackie Tyler. They would be terrifying.
  • You know in A Wrinkle in Time how Meg and Calvin and Charles Wallace get their dad back but don't actually defeat IT or fix Camazotz? Don't you think Nine would be a good candidate to come in after and take care of that?
  • River and GLaDOS and the Weighted Companion Cube PLEASE PLEASE. Look, River's a little crazy and also brilliant, and GLaDOS is a crazy evil sentient computer, and it would be awesome. (No, I haven't a clue how you'd work that out.) And don't even ask how I came up with such a cracked-out idea. ...Okay okay, it's not that complicated: for some reason I thought Laura Gibson's version of "All the Pretty Little Horses" sounded like a good song for River, and it has a line that goes "...and when you wake, you'll have sweet cake," and of course...yeah.
  • OH YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE WOULD BE AWESOME (also easier): you know what happens if you beat the game, right? Right, well...maybe somebody should, you know, land his TARDIS in the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center and check that out. Because while River and GLaDOS would be cracktastic, Ten and GLaDOS would be epically hilarious.
  • My most frequent comment when watching Lost these days is "You know, if the Doctor would just show up, he'd have them all sorted out in ten minutes."
  • You know Jacen Solo in the Star Wars EU? Han's kid? You know what he's been up to lately? Yeah. There should be an AU where Ten smacks some sense into him, you know, when such a thing would still be possible. Because nobody messes around with Time on the Doctor's watch, and Jacen seriously needed it.
  • Ten and Chrestomanci saving the world together. I think they might be annoyed with each other at first but would then get along fabulously. I kept being reminded of Ten when I was reading any of the Chrestomanci Chronicles.
  • A semi-crack fic crossing AtS/BtVS with the Twilight-verse. You know, because Angel and Spike need to beat up Edward, and Buffy or Cordy could pretty much beat up Bella just by looking at her, and Spike would have a wonderful time pointing out to Angel all the ways in which he and Edward actually are similar. Also because Angel really needs to tell Edward something like "When I crawled into my girlfriend's room and watched her sleep, I was evil!"
  • Any Doctor and Charles Wallace, ideally when he's still young
  • Nine couldn’t save Númenor either. EPIC ANGST, I know.
  • Doctor Who crossed with Back to the Future, especially after the "Shakespeare Code" mention, and also, TARDIS > Delorean.
  • Any new Doctor and companion somehow on a reality show like Amazing Race, because...it would be cracktastic. (I know "Bad Wolf" kind of does this and it's made of win, but them actually being in a reality show because, like, another contestant is an alien or something, would be awesome.)
  • Nine or Ten and Ender Wiggin. Not sure if Ender's Game or Speaker for the Dead Ender would be better.
  • Four or Ten and Willy Wonka (either). Crazy manic shenanigans.
  • Ten and Ace Ventura, NO I'M SERIOUS. A lot of the Ace Ventura humor is too juvenile for my tastes, but some of it is honestly hilarious, and...honestly, I have no idea how Ten would react confronted with someone like that.
  • The TARDIS landing on the Satellite of Love. YES. IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

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Because I need to distract myself with something frivolous and because I need input. Yes. Very Very Important input.

Item the first: Tom Baker is going to be at the Television and Movie Shop in Norwich's city centre next Saturday. Yes. That Tom Baker. He's no David Tennant of course but Four is the most well-known Doctor, and he's also very much like Ten (except not as cute and not as angsty, but kind of adorkable all the same) and I quite like him. I was in that shop day before yesterday anyway and it's packed full of Doctor Who merchandise--badges and towels and posters and rubbish bins (no, seriously--there's one with this weird bottom so if you toss something heavy in it, it'll go "EX-TER-MIN-ATE" or something) and action figures and proper dolls and of course books and DVDs and...I could spend so much money there it's not even funny. (But the posters aren't that expensive, and neither are some of the Daleks, and I need a Ten action figure of some kind, and there's a rather nice Martha doll and clockwork robot doll for £7.50 each and they would be kind of awesome...!) Anyway if I spend at least £10 there I can have Tom Baker sign something. And chances are I'll spend a good deal more than that, so.

The real conundrum is this: that's next Saturday, Oct. 25. Well, Oct. 24-26 is the Christian Union houseparty in Great Yarmouth. I've been to Great Yarmouth and it's a lovely seaside town, and what's more it promises to be quite a fun weekend--probably a bit like Spiritual Emphasis Camp, actually, and it would be a very good chance to make some more Christian friends since CU is good but a bit more like church in the sense that it's a large group. And I really want some Christian friends here, and I also really want some British friends, and in general it would be a good thing.

But I also really want to meet Tom Baker and have him sign something. And I may need that weekend for studying since I have two papers due that week (ulp, need to start those).

[Poll #1281979]

Also, any suggestions on just which Doctor Who merch on which to blow all that money I need for food etc. would be helpful. :p (There is, however, a Four doll that I am so not getting, because if you think Edward Dollen is coming to eat your brains, you ain't seen nothin' yet. I wish I could show you the picture--I took a bunch of pictures with my cell phone for my own reference, but it hasn't got a memory card (rather, I haven't forked over money for a mini-SD) and there doesn't seem to be another way to transfer photos from it to a computer without paying through the nose for internet use or something.)

Item the second: I have another new blog. Because I needed another one on which to sporadically update and eventually abandon, right? Well, this one's different: it's a legit paid blogging site. I hadn't mentioned it yet even though I got a blog there almost two weeks ago because I wanted to make sure they actually paid, and they do: they're just slow because apparently someone actually reviews all the entries. Anyway the point is, this isn't one of those things where you earn a few pennies through Google AdSense based on how many people read your entries; today.com pays you $1.00 per entry per day. You can only have one paid entry per day, but the entries can be as short as 100 words, which takes like...five minutes, tops. Better yet, they have a system by which companies put out calls for brief (300 words, generally) articles for which they'll pay about $5, and so far I've sold two of those. Five bucks for a 300-word article that probably took me 15 minutes to write? Pretty nice. Not exactly publishing since my name's not on it, but still, the money's not bad. So that's something any of you might be able to do to pull in a bit extra.

Anyway, the point is, I'll get pageview money if you read my blog (I've been updating it daily--it pretty much functions as a short-entry companion to my other travel blog, as indicated by the fact that, you know, they have the same name and look almost identical), and I'll get more if you use my referral link to sign up yourself, and then you will get money for almost no writing and it will all be fab.

Item the third: Speaking of deciding what to buy--on my first item, yes I know, whatever--I need help deciding on some shirts. 'Cause I need these shirts and I feel like some retail therapy anyway and I am not exactly made of money, here. And there's...a lot I want. >_< I mean I could just show you my Kaboodle wish list (oh, and then there's also this list, which sadly is not a list of shirts I own but a for-future-reference list of Threadless shirts I need but can't get because they're currently out of print and I dearly hope they will be reprinted) but there's other stuff on there too and not all of those shirts are of the same priority. So all y'all get to help me decide, isn't it exciting? Just gonna list my top several, I guess. Assume Threadless unless I say so because most of them are.

[Poll #1281980]

So...um...yeah. And I should really read for like 15 minutes now because I'm going to a Bible study and have...done exactly no studying today. Or working on the letter to my dad. Oops.
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Because come on, whether you like the Twilight books or loathe them, you gotta admit the fans are kind of scary--and no Twilight fan is scarier than the Twimoms. If you want proof you need only look here or here, which is...just scratching the surface, really, as I understand it. (Also, who are they kidding with that unbelievably stupid "OME!" thing? Especially after saying this on their "About" page: "We have a place where 'our kind' can relate without having to wade through all the teenage Internet code mumbo jumbo like 'OMG!!! IMHO Edward is sooo Hawt!!!'" ...Right, because that's totally not what they're saying and substituting the acronym for "Oh my Edward!" is so much more...intelligent. Yeah.)

Anyway, at some point there was this post on [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt about some of these Twimoms and kids stalking people on the set for some kind of newsletter and taking pictures with them. It was...kind of frightening.

So I made a macro. Not very original, but there you go.

Actually, while I'm posting Twilight stuff, I might as well throw up some links.

[livejournal.com profile] cleolinda's highly amusing notes on the three books:
My thoughts on Twilight, let me show you them
Twilight II: Vampiric Boogaloo
Twilight III: Bride of Twilight

And then there's a couple things she linked to that are also worth a read:
A scathing review
Statistics on how awesome Edward is, plus a parody
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ETA: Okay okay, I'm not completely positive that's what he was quoting because "The end is where we start from" isn't quite as uncommon a phrase as, say, "This is the way the world ends--not with a bang but a whimper." I don't care. *stands by geekery and Eliot quotage*
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...because I haven't been posting and have been studiously avoiding both spoilers and discussions, partly because I was busy and partly because...I don't know.


Who will die: Voldemort. Has to. I would really like to see some other prominent Death Eaters go too--I'd love to see Neville finish off Bellatrix (if he dies in the process, that would be tragic but relatively okay), for instance. I'm sure some good guys will go too; probably a Weasley or two, which will make me cry no matter who it is, and...I don't know...I wouldn't be surprised to see Hagrid go. I love him, but I'd be happier to see him go than Certain Others, so yeah. Also would be okay with Moody's death, even though he's also awesome, because NOT REMUS NOT REMUS NOT REMUS. OR TONKS. *stuffs them both into the TARDIS for protection* Otherwise, I really don't want Harry to die and I sort of don't think he will, partly because it'd be a tricky feat to accomplish since 99% of the canon has been third-person-limited from Harry's POV. I also very much don't want the rest of the Trio, or Ginny, to die. But mostly NOT REMUS NOT REMUS NOT REMUS. (I'm less worried about Tonks, because Remus has had such a tragic story arc so far I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it ended with his death, but... NOOOOO.

Also I think Snape is probably going to end up dead. Whether he's good or not (and I'm tentatively voting for "good, but still a petty, vindictive git harboring a schoolboy grudge," mostly because having him be evil all along would be boring, and partly because while Dumbledore's made mistakes in the past, he's never been this wrong...well, scratch that--I believe that Dumbledore had things somehow in control more than I believe that Snape knew he was somehow working within Dumbledore's plan), I just can't see him living past the end of this book.

I also think Wormtail is going to end up dead. It just...sort of has to happen.

Ship predictions: REMUS/TONKS FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. *coughs* Er, yes. I want them to marry and she can burn toast for him while they grow old together. *wibbles at them* I also expect Ginny to be stubborn and to insist on accompanying Harry, or otherwise refusing to sit quietly by; I wouldn't be surprised to see Voldemort use her against Harry, though. I want to see Bill and Fleur get married, and I want some more cute, awkward, occasionally bickering Ron/Hermione. I'd also like to see some Neville/Luna, even though JKR says it's not happening (speaking of which, how much did OotP/f ship Neville/Luna? I mean, seriously).

Deathly Hallows: It's got to be the Horcruxes, hasn't it? I thought this was pretty obvious, but apparently there's actually a lot of debate on it, so now I don't know anymore.

Other stuff I'd like to see: Dumbledore said that Wormtail was now in Harry's debt, which hasn't been mentioned since PoA. I really want to see something come of this. I also want Remus and Tonks, and preferably some Eliot, Being Important for, you know, stuff. I'd like to see Ginny get in trouble because of her connection to Harry (and her past connection to Riddle) whether or not it's her fault for following him, but I'd love to see her manage to do something cool because of this to get herself out of this situation (maybe with a little help) to show she's a good match for Harry. 'Cause she is. I want to see the Trio do an extensive amount of traveling to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes, largely so we can see more of wizarding Britain (heck, if Voldemort hid some Horcruxes somewhere outside the UK, I'd be even more thrilled; I'd love to see more of the wizarding world). I also have this odd desire to see them doing stuff in the Muggle world during their search, maybe back at Tom's orphanage, and I'd like to see them discovering previously unseen/unknown parts of Hogwarts (because I can't imagine a normal year seven, but I also can't imagine things not coming back to Hogwarts at some point). I want to see Harry going into something knowing he's going to die and completely willing to sacrifice himself to take Voldemort down, although I also want to see him Not Die. I do love me a self-sacrificial hero.

I also would like to see a Bat-Bogey Hex. No, serious. Do you have any idea how many times Ginny using it has been mentioned, and we still haven't really seen what it does?

...and at the very end, the TARDIS is going to materialize in the middle of the last battle between Harry and Voldemort, and Ten and Remus and possibly Sirius are going to come out and Save The Day. You know it.


Jan. 30th, 2007 01:08 pm
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So we watched Heroes yesterday, right, and I'd known for a while that Christopher Eccleston was going to be on the show as "Claude" at some point because I'm kind of a stalker like that and I do random poking around IMDB whenever I feel like it, which is often. It didn't occur to me until last week's ep was over that he was actually in that episdoe, so I hunted down some info on this Claude and found that yeah, he's the invisible man in Peter's dream, the one Peter runs into at the end of the episode ("Godsend"), but I didn't recognize him then. Forgot about it.

Last night, of course, I was watching for him because I was expecting him and all, but when Claude first came onscreen I wasn't even sure--mostly the beard and all--so I got close to the TV, and his face did look right, and his voice was exactly the same (I hadn't expected that, and I hadn't really paid attention to his voice either last week)...and then he said "Fantastic!" OMG, I nearly died. Doubled over laughing, actually. It was all sarcastic, and I can't see Claude with Nine's manic grin (well, the beard would hide it anyway), but still. I wonder if that's just a word that Eccleston particularly likes, or if it was deliberate on the scriptwriters' part, or if it was just a really, really hilarious coincidence. I could barely stop laughing whenever he was onscreen--I mean, come on, it's the Doctor, in a beard, being sarcastic, acting ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. I can't get over this. And now I really, really want to like him, and I kept begging the TV (yes, I talk to the TV, shut up), "Don't be bad, don't be bad!" Because...partly because IT'S THE DOCTOR, OMG, and it's bad enough that I will never be able to take the GoF movie seriously ever again (er, less than I did, anyway), so after seeing all of S1 in fairly short order, I really don't want to see the Doctor turning out to be evil, even if he's being evil in a beard. And also because Claude is sarcastic and sort of mysterious, and he snarks at Peter, who doesn't really deserve it but is so naive he's a good target, and because...did I mention HE'S THE DOCTOR? Also I think Claude probably has angst.

In other news, I'm behind on all my reading and don't know how to catch up again. Yay me.
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You know how I complained about boring fic titles, right? So the way I fix that is by stealing them from poetry, mostly Eliot. This would not be so bad if the fics for which I steal these titles 1) had anything at all to do with said poems, at least in obvious subject matter or metaphor or semi-sly reference or something or 2) were actually, you know, Deep and Artistic enough to merit such titles.

Case in point: okay, I really, really want to do some kind of Doctor Who epicfic around various kinds of literature, mostly poetry, mostly "Dirge Without Music" and "East Coker," because there's so much in both of those that fits astonishingly well. Stealing my title would then make a lot of sense, and it would be okay. What I'm actually doing is more like...I'm probably going to give the title "The Twilight Kingdom" to this short little fic I haven't written yet where Rose regains her PotW memories, and the only relationship between the fic and the title is that the fic is sort of, you know, about dreams and stuff. Or I just came across this really awesome Chinese poetry in my lit textbook and I want to pull part of one line to use as the title for this incredibly short and almost meaningless fic about the Doctor's regeneration, even though it has just barely anything to do with the actual fic.

But then, seeing as I'm rubbish at coming up with titles on my own, I suppose it's not such a bad thing...

Anyway, I want to share some of this really awesome Chinese poetry, because I actually managed to find it online, too. Apparently none of these have titles, but they're all by Li Shang-yin from the A.D. 800s. I haven't read much Asian poetry--read some Indian poetry by Rabindranath Tagore back in 9th grade, I think, and really liked some of it...and then of course haven't been able to find those specific poems again. But anyway, what Asian poetry I have read has been absolutely beautiful, and these really stood out to me. They're so...melancholy and peaceful.

One inch of love is an inch of ashes )


Jan. 19th, 2007 10:55 am
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I finally finished "Parting of the Ways" last night, and having now seen all available canon (unless there's some really critical information in the spinoffs or additional stories, like the audiobooks), I still have some questions on things I just can't figure out.
Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2, naturally )
  • Not exactly another real puzzle, but: why did we never get to see the rest of the TARDIS? No, that's right, we saw the wardrobe room in The Christmas Invasion, but that was it. I probably shouldn't base much on fanfiction, but it's a staple of fanfic that the TARDIS is just huge, with lots of rooms and corridors that often get switched around. I suppose that comes from old canon, but I still wanted to see it.

    In other more fancrackish news, I realized this morning that it would be enormous fun to put Rose and the Doctor in Disney World, because...it would, and because there are several rides that prominently feature aliens, and, y'know, what if some real aliens had taken over and were using those rides for...okay, I don't even know, really, but it would be fun. (Well, and last night I was watching American Idol, because Kelsey had it on, and there were these two guys that...well, one basically just looked like a lump and couldn't sing, and the other, as Simon said, kind of looked like a bushbaby and really couldn't sing, so I theorized that they were aliens. Well, it could happen! They used the reality-show gimmick in "Bad Wolf," and it was awesome there, so...it could happen.)
  • 100indecisions: my chains are broken (What the frick?)
    I imitate people's facial expressions. By that I don't mean all the time, or all kinds of people; I mean I will catch myself more-or-less unconsciously making some expression like a character in a movie I've recently seen. I doubt anyone else would notice or make the connection, but I can tell when I'm doing it.

    For instance: there was a time when I occasionally smiled like Elijah Wood does as Frodo in LotR. There was another time when I sometimes used that one weird grimace/smile Jack got in an early scene in PotC I, when he and Will were supposedly making off with the Dauntless, I guess it was, and he saw that things were going exactly as planned.

    Well, right now, I've been catching myself making Nine's quick little crazy, sarcastic, oh-crap-this-is-so-not-my-day smile, and Rose's tongue-between-the-teeth, thinking, frustrated thing.

    I have no idea why I do this, but it sort of amuses me.
    100indecisions: my chains are broken (plotbunny)
    I had to watch Smallville last night because it was a new episode and Kelsey always has to watch it whether it's new or not, and I think it's the first one I've seen since before Christmas--before inundating myself with Doctor Who fanfic (speaking of which--tell me when you've got enough canon to read Whofic, [livejournal.com profile] faeriemaiden, because I have lots to rec) and season 1, more importantly. And I kept making comments (well, I always do; Smallville is a joy to snark at because all the characters, with the exception of Chloe, are so stupid) of different kinds, but this time they mostly centered on one theme: "This would be SO MUCH BETTER with the Doctor. Pop him in here and he'd have everything sorted within a few hours."

    Which is true, so it's excusable. What's not so excusable is this:

    At some point between yesterday evening and right now, a plotbunny snuck up on me. And oh, it was subtle--just started off as aimless daydreaming and fantasizing. I didn't recognize it as a plotbunny until it was too late.

    By now, I am seriously contemplating writing a Doctor Who/Smallville crossover (pre-Doomsday, mostly; don't know when it would occur in Smallville canon), almost entirely for the single purpose of making Clark Kent look like the idiot he is (and letting the Doctor make a crack about his lack of superintelligence to go along with his other powers). Although, because this is me, it would not be all snark--I'm not sure I'm capable of writing pure snark--because there will be angst, too, primarily because Clark can't really return to his homeworld either, even if the cases are different, and because...well, the "ghosts" did show up everywhere, in the end. Even Smallville.

    Don't get me wrong here. I'm not talking about Clark!angst. I don't think I could bear it, especially since canon Clark!angst usually involves Lana Lang, and I hate her. It's more like...implied Ten!angst and Rose!angst because...well, you know. I have to.

    In equally cracktastic (but more serious, plausible, and--sadly--obscure) crossovers, I really want to drop the TARDIS on Three Zed and see how Ten (or maybe Nine; haven't decided that, I guess) mixes with Shuhr. Unfortunately, 1) almost nobody would understand it, and 2) I have no idea how they would mix. The Doctor seems to be the only telepath (not a particularly strong one at that, as I understand it) in that canon.

    ETA: This could, by some chance, be partly because I finally watched the 2005 Children in Need special, which just reconfirmed that Ten is the most adorkable thing in this universe. Possibly more than one universe. I'm just afraid I can't do him justice--I've never really tried to write him, and considering what a character he is, making sure he's IC would be difficult but crucial.

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