Mar. 28th, 2009 07:08 pm
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Got back late last night from Juneau, stayed up doing something I needed to for class, crashed. Got up at 1 p.m. (the last hour or so before that was mostly not sleeping because I just couldn't make myself get up) with a sore throat, and have been getting increasingly tired and achey since then. Now I feel too tired and achey to do anything, which is awesome. I have about ten things written in my planner to do today, all of which take forever, which is why I never seem to get anything done. And I have a lot to do. I need to get a job. So I need to apply for some. I also need to work on marketing my paid blog so I can maybe make some money on that, since now I'm making almost none. I have just over a month until I graduate, which means I have that much time to write most of my thesis and also seven other papers (one is due Monday). There are paid surveys I could do for extra money, and I need to list a bunch of stuff my dad doesn't want on so I can sell them for him and make some other money. Also I really need to e-mail my adviser and hash out what exactly I'm even doing with my thesis--great timing, right?--and finish a mix CD for someone I don't actually know.

Only I'm sick and everything hurts right now, and as soon as I start thinking that maybe I can get some things done I start thinking of other things I need to do. And I can't get anything done because it all takes so much time and ugh I feel like crap. I already want to go back to bed. Body, this is really bad timing, I have a paper due at noon on Monday.

Annnd I used my 30,000 frequent flier miles to get tickets to bring [ profile] faeriemaiden up for my graduation, so I keep having random flail moments about that, like, "Hey I wonder what movies/shows [ profile] warriorofshadow and I should make her watch when she will BE HERE REALLY SOON OMGOMG" and "Hey, I never did go to the Chocolate Lounge, I should take Jolene there!" and then that kind of gets poisoned because it's like "Eeee Jolene will be here in just over a month!...which means that's how much time I have to FINISH MY THESIS and write SEVEN OTHER PAPERS OH HELP."

100indecisions: my chains are broken (hp | Dear Body: I hate you.)
For starters, there's this cold, which I first got...well, I think it was probably Sept. 25 when I first got the sore throat that turned into an all-body ache by the end of that day and all of the Friday after it, and by Saturday I was better but still achy and fun stuff, and I started losing my voice on Sunday. You know, a week ago. Monday and Tuesday, I basically couldn't talk, partly because it made me cough more and partly because I just really could not get my voice loud enough to be heard. Or if I did it would crack and I would start coughing. It was lots of fun. Especially since I'm one of those people that talk a lot in class. >_< Wednesday I finally started getting my voice back, which was fun, but my cough's kind of been getting worse despite using Advair, and at this point my voice is still weird, I'm still coughing, my nose is getting runnier (and I get blood from it if I use Zicam! Weird, right?), and this morning I was thinking, um, I kind of feel achy again. And I might even have a sore throat. And my nose is more plugged. Am I getting sick again before I even got better??

Oh, and also, as of this morning it kind of hurts in my back, around my ribs/shoulder somewhere, when I breathe real deep or cough. So that's, you know, really good.

IBS and back are mostly being their usual selves, which I guess is good, but the left-hand joint in my jaw hurts to much to open all the way, as it's done since Turkey (you might remember me mentioning that, [ profile] faeriemaiden), since the night-guard my dentist made for me on the day I left for England has done exactly squat to help. Because, I don't know, I don't grind my teeth at night and that's not what's causing the problem? So making a thing that perches on my bottom teeth so I can't properly close my mouth and will drool all night...probably not gonna do it. Oh yeah, and that "open contact" (I still don't know what that is) that said dentist supposedly fixed, also on the day I left, which involved two or three shots in my mouth and a numb lip for not fixed. That spot hurts again, which means it is again letting food get jammed in and making the gum all inflamed. So way to go there, Mr. Dentist.

And there's my wrist, of course. You know, the left wrist that I broke at the beginning of July. It's actually totally healed, and I haven't been wearing the splint at all for weeks per doctor's orders, and I've regained nearly all my range of motion there which is good, but it still hurts. Muscular I think, since immobilizing anything will make it stiff and sore and whatever. But still, that's kind of annoying.

And the best part? Well, you know how I had that stress fracture in my foot that had me clumping around in a walking cast for months? Yeah, well. Ever since then, on and off, I'll still get a bit of pain where the fracture was if I've been walking a long time, but it was never very bad and it didn't worry me much since it only hurt to walk on it--I couldn't make it hurt by pushing on it with my fingers, which I could when it was actually broken.

Right, well, it's been hurting a bit more from less walking, seems like, mostly while I've been here. And after walking around a lot yesterday, it was bothering me more, and then I started limping, which I hadn't done in a while. Annnd when I checked it later by pushing on the bone...I could make it hurt. Not a lot, not like when it was definitely broken, but...more than in a while. Still hurts on and off today even though I haven't done much walking Which is not of the good, clearly, especially since our insurance is kind of borked and I don't know how to file a claim on the student health insurance I paid four hundred bucks for.

OH, AND ALSO, I'm kind of breaking out like a teenager. Okay, so I never had really bad acne and I still don't, but it's worse than it's been in a while, and it's very annoying, because it hurts and it looks stupid.

Oh, and I went to London yesterday, which is where I did all the walking around. Saw the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. It rained and was insanely windy. I also just found out that apparently it's London Fetish Weekend over there,'s just as well I didn't run into that, I guess. (London is quite a big city, after all.) And if you want more of an update than that, just...uh, keep checking my travel blog, going to get updated soon, I swear.
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Yeah, I'm behind on some of my shows. Shut up. Once everything gets started, this semester I'll be watching Supernatural, Fringe, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and The Office. Also [ profile] cleolinda's recap made me curious enough about True Blood to try the pilot ep, and...well, the vampire fangs are very lame, as are certain other bits of it, and as it's HBO there's an awful lot more sex and language than on most such shows, but...vampires. And Sookie is cute, and the worldbuilding is interesting, and...I don't know, really. Moonlight's not coming back and Twilight just makes me laugh (and the usually reliable Vivian Vande Velde's Companions of the Night was fairly awful after a very promising beginning; [ profile] warriorofshadow knows what I mean--and should read Sunshine, stat, because it's a really excellent vampire novel).

Cut for spoilers on...all the shows mentioned above, I suppose, even though I'm behind )

Speaking of fic, what I'm talking about here is my [ profile] dw_cross fic, which still has no comments and in fact probably hasn't really been read. *tear* It's insanely long and needs the abovementioned edits as well as a few more, so at some point it'll be reposted elsewhere, but I worked freaking hard on that thing, even if I'm not overly pleased with it.

...annnnd right now I should really be studying, working on my thesis proposal (some months overdue, yes), working on the column due Friday, picking pictures to send for a calendar at UAA due tomorrow, writing an entry on my travel blog, or making myself some kind of food before the Christian Union meeting at 7:30, which...should be interesting considering since Sunday (and more so yesterday and today) I've been at the stage of my cold where I pretty much can't talk. I already skipped a Creative Writing Society meeting I wanted to attend and a meeting of the student paper, largely for that reason.

Oh, and I just wasted a bunch of time last night on trying to see whose concerts I could actually attend and now have even more possibilities, some more realistic than others, so my poll in the last entry still very much needs your input.
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Okay, so there's this mountain just outside of town called Flattop (because its top is, you know, very flat) that's not very big and pretty accessible to anyone willing to do some uphill hiking, too much stair-climbing, and a little vertical scrambling. If you live here, you've probably climbed it at least once. Guess I've done it three times all told. The Fellows, in theory, climb it around July 4 every year to have one more event for which almost no one shows up and one more opportunity for a blather session by the professors at the summit. Well, I was climbing down a pretty sheer part and deliberately avoiding the main traveled part because I was sure all the dirt and scree there would make me slip (and in my defense, it was very bad on the main path, and I did slip several times after; just didn't actually fall)--so of course where I chose to climb down, facing the rock so I could hold on better, I lost my footing just when I hadn't any good handholds either, and I ended up flat on my back sort of two ledges down, facing out. It hurt but on the plus side I didn't hit my head or get the wind knocked out of me. But yesterday I discovered I had another injury besides the obvious ones of having taken skin off my left elbow, back, and right wrist (scraped my leg and put a crick in my neck too, for that matter). I'd stopped using my left hand at all climbing the rest of the way down and figured I must have landed with a lot of my weight on my wrist there, but I figured that was all. But it wasn't getting better and the swelling seemed to be getting worse, plus there was an awful lot of deep-looking bruising at the pad of my thumb. And it hurt plenty.

So yesterday we took it to a doctor. The diagnosis? It's not a sprained wrist; it's broken. Even I could see the crack on the x-rays before the radiologist showed me where it was, and I can almost never do that. Specifically, I broke the scaphoid bone in my left wrist, which is doubly fun because it's slow to heal and also often requires surgery to fix even if it's treated early on. Also I'm left-handed. And I can't use my thumb at all, which...let me tell you, I hadn't realized until this past day-and-a-half just how many things besides writing that one does with one's dominant hand (opening things, eating, brushing teeth, tying shoes), nor just how useless any hand is without a functioning thumb. Honestly, you'd do more with a thumb and one finger than with all four other fingers and no thumb. Opposable thumbs are where it's at, man. They gave me what looks like a small hand version of my walking cast for it, and that helps, but I don't know whether I'll need a permanent cast or surgery or what.

Typing is slow and somewhat painful, too, which...isn't so awesome when I have probably 5-6 articles to write in the next two weeks (and my [ profile] dw_cross fic in one, oh crap), and I basically can't write by hand, like, at all. I'd try learning to be ambidextrous, which would be awesome, but there's only so much kindergarten-scrawls you can stand to see coming from your own rather educated person. Good thing I'm making some progress on getting my laptop fixed...

The really odd thing here is that I hadn't ever broken any bones, period, my whole life...and then I got that still-mysterious stress fracture in my right foot, and now this. At least here I have a bit of a story, but...dang.

Annnd yeah, not gonna be fully healed by any of the trips in the next month. I'll just have to hope people will be nice and help me with things. And pack light, 'cause my dad had a surgery fairly recently too and he's also prohibited from lifting heavy stuff.

Well, crap.

Jul. 4th, 2006 01:22 am
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I don't know if anyone here remembers me talking about how my back was bothering me part of fall semester and all of spring semester, but I think I'd done something to a muscle in my lower back shortly before Christmas break and kept reinjuring it. It finally healed, I thought, once I got out of school and stopped hauling my backpack around; even dragging suitcases and crap around in D.C. didn't seem to bother it overmuch.

Maybe it was goofing around on a playground Tuesday night that did it, although I didn't feel it then, or maybe--I find this more likely--it was something at work, but it's back. It'll stop hurting for a while and then I'll reinjure it again with something like reaching up a bit too high to hang up something at work, or leaning over the tub to turn on the shower. Right now there's a sort of painful pressure on the right side of my lower back, about level with my hipbones. It'll probably be gone by tomorrow, but I can reinjure it by bending wrong, crouching wrong, stretching wrong, lifting something too heavy, etc. ad nauseum.

Not cool. I wonder when my next appointment is with my orthopedist...I finally got sick of the last one and switched, especially since his attitude on any back pain I mentioned was "Well, if it's not in the shoulder area with the curve from your kyphosis, then it probably doesn't matter and I don't really care". Don't remember what the new one said about this problem, though; he'd better care, since it's suddenly turned into a really recurring issue.

Also, I hate academic papers. Guess who had an entire month to write one five-page paper for her summer poli-sci class? Guess who kept telling herself for weeks that she was going to start it tomorrow? Guess who put it off until the night before it was due, just like always?

You get three guesses, and the first two don't count.

Yeah, I've really got to try to kick this procrastination habit someday.

*goes back to typing the hated paper* Oh, right, and then tomorrow I need to write up an essay for the honors office, and the day after I need to figure what I'm going to say about the D.C. trip at the very last class on Thursday. And then I get to use the rest of the summer for whatever I want, provided that includes ordering next semester's books, applying for more scholarships, getting a new job for next semester, and trying to decide on a major.


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