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I'm working on a "Dear Yuletide Writer" letter, I promise. >_< It's currently in, uh, note form that is probably not helpful to anyone. [livejournal.com profile] faeriemaiden is a good resource for general questions on what I like, though, even if she's not necessarily familiar with the fandom you're writing for me (which...will only be true if you picked the Baldur's Gate universe in which case [livejournal.com profile] warriorofshadow would be a good person to ask).
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Oh, man, all the time. It's cool though, none of them ever found out. They kind of couldn't.

...wait, you're not including fictional people, are you? Uh, well, never mind then.
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That's...not too hard, actually. I'd immediately sink all of my money into tickets to see all my friends and take at least [livejournal.com profile] faeriemaiden with me to visit some of the places I've always wanted to see, plus some I've already seen but want to see again. Not sure what I'd do about all my writing projects, because a month isn't enough time for that...
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...because I already wrote them up at ridiculous length on Tumblr and, you know, might as well re-post for discussion (if...anyone is still reading this and wants to discuss?).

Spoilers, obviously )

Show, I still love you--despite my better judgment, half the time--but I don't think even Heroes depended this much on Idiot Balls and assumed so hard that viewers are morons.
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Yeah, I don't know. There are many better things I could be doing with my time, like anything school-related, or going to bed. I WAS INSPIRED, OKAY. Also I've been wanting to use most of the new ones for AGES. And I didn't even have any vampire icons!
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(Um...long time no post? I really keep meaning to post something substantive, especially since I paid $30 for another year's subscription and extra icons, and then...not updating my icons or writing a post because it will take forever and there are other things I really need to do.)

Right so, as you may know if you follow me on Twitter, my current obsession is finding the perfect white summer dress. I have been looking for one on and off all summer, so of course now is when I get serious about it, when summer's almost over. Whatever. I really really want one, and I keep seeing really pretty pictures on Tumblr of dresses like what I really want, but whatever I manage to find is either 1) too pricey or 2) not what I'm looking for. If it is what I'm looking for, it's too expensive, of course, and if it's a price I like, it makes me look pregnant. (All empire waists do this, apparently.) Or it's in the wrong size. I actually even found one here in town that would have been nearly perfect, except it was $60...and then it went on clearance for $20, but of course by then there were no white ones left. (Purple and orange, yes. I got a purple one. It's pretty and I heart it. BUT I WANT A WHITE SUMMER DRESS.)

So, of course, I turn back to the internet. I have yet to find the OMG PERFECT DRESS for a price I really like, naturally, and I can't be completely certain that anything I order online will fit me right and not make me look pregnant (because...a lot of dresses do that, sadly. Partly it's my back, but yeah), so...that's where you come in. It only just occurred to me yesterday that I could make a Kaboodle list and ask for advice, since...that's about 100 times easier than individually linking to each listing, and also eBay doesn't let you make public watch lists. (I need to do this for corsets, too. I found a bunch on eBay that I liked, way back in February, and couldn't decide, so I was going to ask for feedback on that too...and didn't because it was going to take forever to make the post. So now they're all gone from my list because, uh, it's been more than 90 days. >_< And seriously I didn't think to make a Kaboodle list then either.)

SO HERE IS THE LIST, GUYS, TELL ME WHICH ONE I SHOULD BUY. The prices are probably not going to be accurate all the time since Kaboodle probably pulls the Buy It Now price even if bidding starts lower, and also, some of these have ended; that's okay because most of those are from big sellers who have loads of stuff and relist things all the time. Same for sizing too, I guess. And of course the actual listings have bigger pictures and descriptions, so...check out those? And help me figure out which is prettiest and most unlikely to make me look pregnant? If it helps, my idea of the PERFECT white summer dress would be one I could wear all by itself, i.e. straps thick enough that my bra straps won't show, not so low in front that I have to wear something under it, not so short (or sheer) that I have to wear a skirt with it--about knee-length or longer would be good. Also, cotton, and kind of...tiered-looking. Ideally with lace/crocheting somewhere, like at the bottom; kind of loose and floaty with a pretty wide, full skirt. No zipper, ideally--something very unfussy would be nice. Plus I want a plain white dress, no pattern or extra colors to speak of, which...well, I've included some on the list that are only mostly white, because I don't know, I like them anyway? They have more of the shape I'm looking for? But I still really want a plain white one, so whatever. Obviously none of the dresses I've found fit every single one of those things, but you know...guidelines.

...also, price. Because I am cheap and somewhat poor. So...if you see one that's ending soon and probably won't be relisted, and is also cheap and you think it's PERFECT, um...tell me right away?
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Just today--reading this amazing thread in which, basically, a significant portion of the internet came together to save a couple Russian students from sex-trafficking. Seriously, read it.

...also, uh, I really keep meaning to update more, if for no other reason than because...yeah, icons. My paid account runs out in less than a month and I'll probably renew it (for the icons) but I kind of need to, y'know, justify the expense by actually making use of said account and said icons.

I mean, if you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr (where I also run blogs dedicated to fireflies, raspberries, and my sort-of-in-progress novel Thieves' Honor, and no I honestly can't remember if I've linked these before), I've been a lot more active there, so you probably have a good idea of what's going on in my life...but I don't want to abandon this blog like I've abandoned others, and blogging is kind of free therapy, and also: ICONS.
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I DON'T KNOW. D: In fact at the moment nobody is coming to mind--I mean, with a lot of the authors I really love, I spend most of their books in a state of awed resentment and despair, because I would love to write that well and/or that deeply (sometimes it's the style and the way with words, sometimes it's the ability to create wonderful characters, sometimes it's the content and the way that content is addressed), but at the moment I actually can't think of who those people are. There are plenty of authors I absolutely love but whose writing I don't despair of emulating because it's--I don't know, not transcendent? And it's that transcendence I really want? Plus most of the writers who do make me despair over my own writing normally seem to have only one or two of those qualities and not all of them, meaning their writing isn't perfect, which...duh, no one's is. But if I were picking somebody, they'd have to have pretty much everything I want my writing to have.

The problem here could, of course, just be that it's 1 a.m. and I should go to bed.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] lexiedoh , because I have no life and feel like doing a survey/meme since I haven't in ages. (I think I've had the seven things meme sitting around half-finished for, like, a year.) And I'm sure this is one of those things where you're only supposed to bold stuff and not explain them, but I imagine occasionally I will not be able to resist.

I should probably be doing something useful now, of course )
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On Christmas music, of course, what else? :p

[Poll #1509901]

I ask because this gets very old each year having to re-load music into iTunes from folders scattered all over my iTunes music folder, and it gets even older the more Christmas music I get--especially after this year, when I acquired loads. Good chance I'll forget some of it, too, especially since my collection of music in general is rather large. But I don't really want it taking up space in my iTunes library and getting in my way. So I really hope someone has a brilliant solution.
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Title: Only the Cause and End of Movement
Fandom: Harry Potter
Format & Word Count: Fic, 2,000 words
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Tonks, with appearances by Ted and Andromeda Tonks
Description: Angst with a side order of romantic fluff.
Warnings: Various Deathly Hallows spoilers regarding Remus and Tonks' relationship. Also, did I mention angst?
Summary: Remus comes home for the last time.

(love is itself unmoving, only the cause and end of movement)

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO READ. AND COMMENT. For some reason I've only gotten a small handful of comments on this even though I've crossposted it all over the place, which I find really weird--is the Harry Potter fandom not quite as active anymore, or something? Because I got more responses to my Doctor Who and DW/HP crossover fics, and I'd have thought crossovers would have a more narrow audience...but, you know. Whatever.

Anyway yeah, all comments are ♥ -- I always love to hear what does and doesn't work about my writing, since that kind of feedback can really help me improve and...things.
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Like everyone else on the internets, I just have to post about the new pictures of Various casting spoilers for Doctor Who )
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Or: duh, I should be asking for help here too, after having cross-posted this to several writing comms.

Subject: A good part-physical, part-mystical/metaphysical/whatever cure for lycanthropy (the actual turning-into-a-monster-once-a-month thing, not the medical delusion) that somehow works with the overall plot and themes of my werewolf story
Setting: Modern world, as far as I know; might be in Alaska, where I live, or somewhere similar, at least to the extent that wolves should be around in the wild and it would make sense for the family in question to have a semi-remote cabin in the mountains for camping and stuff. I guess it isn't quite our world in that the existence of werewolves is slightly more accepted, maybe the way the existence of ghosts is kind-of-not-really accepted today.
Previous searches: I have been researching this a lot, because I wanted my character to be able to sift through all the folkloric cures and not find anything that works, and then because this actually turned into my undergrad thesis: part werewolf story, part academic look at folklore and pop culture about lycanthropy. Running water, silver knife, kneeling in one spot for a hundred years, removing the skin/belt that caused the transformation in the first place--none of those are really going to work. Mostly I suppose I need new ideas. The other thing I need is a compelling reason by the werewolf in question wouldn't try to get medical help for his condition.

Cut for rambling )
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I never did post a wishlist before my birthday or Christmas. Not that anyone was begging me to. But I like listing stuff I want. :p But then that post-here-and-I'll-make-you-something meme was going around (...um. I don't think I've finished anything for anyone on my list. Possibly haven't started any.), and I posted on several others', so I figured I might as well post the part of the wishlist that are things people could, you know, actually make. In case anyone wants any ideas, or...whatever.

  • A cunning hat. Because.
  • I have to admit: the Secret Life of Dolls kind of had a big influence on me getting into action figures. I mean, I wanted a Ten action figure anyway, but now I have him, Rose, Martha, and Angel, plus a 12" Clockwork Droid doll. And I want more, like Coraline (okay...I think I've seen two or three different face sculpts for each version of the doll and I can't figure out whether I'd be getting the one I want) and Edward Elric and Spike if I could find a good one. But what I really, really want are three that don't exist: Death of the Endless, Tonks (seriously, why isn't there a movie!Tonks in her DoM outfit? That would be perfect), and River Tam. I have thought about cannibalizing an existing doll for one of these purposes, but none of mine are right; all I have are old Barbies, and not only do none of them have the right coloring for any of these three, their faces and shapes are...well, come on, do you think Death or River really look like Barbies? (Tonks could, although I expect she ordinarily doesn't. And I wouldn't want her to, natch.) If I had gobs of money, I could piece together a perfectly satisfactory River, Tonks, and/or Death from the kinds of dolls and clothes at places like the Denver Doll Emporium, but when the naked doll alone can run anywhere from $50 to, like, $600...well, yeah. But if anyone has got some dolls/action figures or knows where to get them cheaply and could make a convincing River/Death/Tonks, that would be so awesome. (I might be able to make a decent Death out of my sister's old Arctic Barbie, assuming she still has it, along with some white and black model paint and goth-girl clothes, but adult Barbies have such a weird shape, and they really aren't very flexible...)
  • This kitten. Or this one.
  • Or a red panda! Especially if it's a baby one! Heck, a normal panda would be cool too.

There are so many fics I'd love to read but, for whatever reason, don't feel qualified/inspired to write, so I pass them on to you. And they get their own list. Annnd nearly all of them are crossovers. I dunno, that seems to be the easiest way to think of "Hey this would be AWESOME! But I have no idea how to write it, but someone should!" ideas.
  • Ten meets Dumbledore. Two mad, brilliant old men--they'd get along great. Bonus points if Ten puts his feet up on Dumbledore's desk. (And no I do not mean Ten/Dumbledore, geez.
  • Molly Weasley meets Jackie Tyler. They would be terrifying.
  • You know in A Wrinkle in Time how Meg and Calvin and Charles Wallace get their dad back but don't actually defeat IT or fix Camazotz? Don't you think Nine would be a good candidate to come in after and take care of that?
  • River and GLaDOS and the Weighted Companion Cube PLEASE PLEASE. Look, River's a little crazy and also brilliant, and GLaDOS is a crazy evil sentient computer, and it would be awesome. (No, I haven't a clue how you'd work that out.) And don't even ask how I came up with such a cracked-out idea. ...Okay okay, it's not that complicated: for some reason I thought Laura Gibson's version of "All the Pretty Little Horses" sounded like a good song for River, and it has a line that goes "...and when you wake, you'll have sweet cake," and of course...yeah.
  • OH YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE WOULD BE AWESOME (also easier): you know what happens if you beat the game, right? Right, well...maybe somebody should, you know, land his TARDIS in the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center and check that out. Because while River and GLaDOS would be cracktastic, Ten and GLaDOS would be epically hilarious.
  • My most frequent comment when watching Lost these days is "You know, if the Doctor would just show up, he'd have them all sorted out in ten minutes."
  • You know Jacen Solo in the Star Wars EU? Han's kid? You know what he's been up to lately? Yeah. There should be an AU where Ten smacks some sense into him, you know, when such a thing would still be possible. Because nobody messes around with Time on the Doctor's watch, and Jacen seriously needed it.
  • Ten and Chrestomanci saving the world together. I think they might be annoyed with each other at first but would then get along fabulously. I kept being reminded of Ten when I was reading any of the Chrestomanci Chronicles.
  • A semi-crack fic crossing AtS/BtVS with the Twilight-verse. You know, because Angel and Spike need to beat up Edward, and Buffy or Cordy could pretty much beat up Bella just by looking at her, and Spike would have a wonderful time pointing out to Angel all the ways in which he and Edward actually are similar. Also because Angel really needs to tell Edward something like "When I crawled into my girlfriend's room and watched her sleep, I was evil!"
  • Any Doctor and Charles Wallace, ideally when he's still young
  • Nine couldn’t save Númenor either. EPIC ANGST, I know.
  • Doctor Who crossed with Back to the Future, especially after the "Shakespeare Code" mention, and also, TARDIS > Delorean.
  • Any new Doctor and companion somehow on a reality show like Amazing Race, because...it would be cracktastic. (I know "Bad Wolf" kind of does this and it's made of win, but them actually being in a reality show because, like, another contestant is an alien or something, would be awesome.)
  • Nine or Ten and Ender Wiggin. Not sure if Ender's Game or Speaker for the Dead Ender would be better.
  • Four or Ten and Willy Wonka (either). Crazy manic shenanigans.
  • Ten and Ace Ventura, NO I'M SERIOUS. A lot of the Ace Ventura humor is too juvenile for my tastes, but some of it is honestly hilarious, and...honestly, I have no idea how Ten would react confronted with someone like that.
  • The TARDIS landing on the Satellite of Love. YES. IT WOULD BE AWESOME.



Mar. 28th, 2009 07:08 pm
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Got back late last night from Juneau, stayed up doing something I needed to for class, crashed. Got up at 1 p.m. (the last hour or so before that was mostly not sleeping because I just couldn't make myself get up) with a sore throat, and have been getting increasingly tired and achey since then. Now I feel too tired and achey to do anything, which is awesome. I have about ten things written in my planner to do today, all of which take forever, which is why I never seem to get anything done. And I have a lot to do. I need to get a job. So I need to apply for some. I also need to work on marketing my paid blog so I can maybe make some money on that, since now I'm making almost none. I have just over a month until I graduate, which means I have that much time to write most of my thesis and also seven other papers (one is due Monday). There are paid surveys I could do for extra money, and I need to list a bunch of stuff my dad doesn't want on half.com so I can sell them for him and make some other money. Also I really need to e-mail my adviser and hash out what exactly I'm even doing with my thesis--great timing, right?--and finish a mix CD for someone I don't actually know.

Only I'm sick and everything hurts right now, and as soon as I start thinking that maybe I can get some things done I start thinking of other things I need to do. And I can't get anything done because it all takes so much time and ugh I feel like crap. I already want to go back to bed. Body, this is really bad timing, I have a paper due at noon on Monday.

Annnd I used my 30,000 frequent flier miles to get tickets to bring [livejournal.com profile] faeriemaiden up for my graduation, so I keep having random flail moments about that, like, "Hey I wonder what movies/shows [livejournal.com profile] warriorofshadow and I should make her watch when she will BE HERE REALLY SOON OMGOMG" and "Hey, I never did go to the Chocolate Lounge, I should take Jolene there!" and then that kind of gets poisoned because it's like "Eeee Jolene will be here in just over a month!...which means that's how much time I have to FINISH MY THESIS and write SEVEN OTHER PAPERS OH HELP."

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  • 23:31 WHOO PORTAL #
  • 12:51 Ooh, gray Converses for 16 bucks...but I kind of need to not spend any more money. CONUNDRUM. #
  • 15:38 Well, turns out gray converses were two mismates of the same color but different sizes and styles. Poo. #
  • 15:39 Second conundrum: I have forty million things to do. I really want to play more Portal. #
  • 15:47 @cleolinda: I like to use that time for browsing LJ, Failblog, and Go Fug Yourself, personally. #
  • 18:32 Search with Swagbucks and earn points to get...stuff. Uses Google so it actually works okay: tinyurl.com/bh77k4 #
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  • 23:33 @perfectdistance: I know, right? It's the most fun to spork EVER. #
  • 23:33 @perfectdistance: on the plus side, the actual sinking is appropriately epic and horrifying, but the romance bits...? Not so much. #
  • 00:39 New book review: so entrecard market is interesting tinyurl.com/bxtk7p #
  • 00:39 New book review: neil gaiman: sandman (vol. 6, fables and reflections) tinyurl.com/bt6aco #
  • 19:41 @the_anachronist: well, I don't know how much you've saved from your job (...er. do you have a bank account yet?) but Dell Outlet is cheap #
  • 20:52 Man, Boyd Langdon in Dollhouse sure has big man-boobs for somebody who's not overweight. #
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  • 23:38 @warriorofshadow: Heh, yeah, it was Nunnally. I wish I had another professor as awesome. #
  • 23:46 Oh crazy Ben Linus, you are the world's biggest psycho. Please stfu and die now. #
  • 12:55 @the_anachronist: probably...until your birthday or you come up here, whichever comes first? I collect things for people all year long, see. #
  • 12:59 @nelldrik: hahaha, so true. Also possibly in Disney World; my dad dubbed DisneyQuest "the Soviet Ministry of Virtual Entertainment". #
  • 16:18 I found the room for the taiko-drumming demo by listening for THE SOUND OF DRUMS OOH SPOOKY #
  • 16:24 Dear computer playing drumming video: stop lagging or I CUT YOU. #
  • 17:24 Want to learn taiko drumming. Completely lack the time or money to do so. #
  • 19:38 Irritation is a symphony rehearsal that stops every 10-60 seconds so the conductor can nitpick. Worse is having to be there for school. #
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Also because most of these went in my Random Stuff folder and I only just realized that for some reason, privacy settings kept said folder invisible to everyone but me and those in the UAA network (which is to say, virtually all y'all). So...I don't know what was up with that.

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