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Only one, despite intentions of writing treats and/or participating in Yuletide Madness. Well--I had to get class work and grading done first, and then there wasn't a lot of time left, so...NYR, maybe. Or next year. And it was my first Yuletide, after all.

In any case, I wrote the Baldur's Gate fic "what we have is enough" for [livejournal.com profile] blueinkedpalm; I intended to go further with established canon so Skie could deal with her father's death but didn't quite have time to do that, so at this point I'm still planning to add a second chapter or something to the same effect. I probably won't repost it at [livejournal.com profile] theturningworld or ff.net until I've done that, although it shouldn't take me too long.

My assignment had three different fandoms, naturally, but Baldur's Gate was the only one with which I had any familiarity...and that only from having finished Shadows of Amn and most of Throne of Bhaal, so I may have panicked a little when I saw that [livejournal.com profile] blueinkedpalm preferred a story set in the first game, focusing on characters I hadn't actually met. Of course, if you've followed my witterings on Twitter about this game in general, you know that this was really a good thing since I suddenly had a fairly legitimate excuse to spend even more time playing BGI than I might have otherwise. Getting enough of a handle on Skie, Eldoth, and Dynaheir to write them was a little tricky since I hadn't played them before and, thanks to the nature of the first Baldur's Gate game, it's hard to get a feel for most of the NPCs as three-dimensional characters. (The mods I used helped a lot, of course--without that there wouldn't have been much of...anything.)

I ended up playing out a number of different scenarios with Skie and Eldoth to see how they'd react in different circumstances, and the fic I ended up writing certainly wasn't perfect, but I'm fairly satisfied with it. (I'll be more satisfied once I extend it, but I think it's decent as is.) It won't make as much sense if you aren't familiar with the Baldur's Gate universe, obviously, but it should still be readable as long as you know that it's a fairly basic fantasy-adventure RPG game, and you have a party and you go around killing things and gradually getting richer. More or less. It may also be worth noting that 1) Minsc is my FAVORITE but I'm not sure how to write him exactly, and the exchange described actually came from some dialogue in the modded game, and 2) the scene where Imoen shoots Skie with an Arrow of Dispelling was the first one I thought of. Actually I wanted to write that even before I had any idea what else I'd be doing, because...I don't know, I just really liked that situation.

I've also been meaning to do a reccs post and had some copied in from my bookmarks, I just...haven't had time to write about why, exactly, said fics are awesome? Also I still haven't read anywhere near as my Yuletide fics as I mean to, so my reccs would pretty much be "hey, here's everything I actually read and bookmarked". So that'll happen...later, I guess.
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