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Because...I never update unless I can paste in something I've already written? Which I can because I sent this out to family yesterday? Only my timing is really stupid because it's like 6 days until my birthday and 17 until Christmas? (...I should really start mailing packages.)

So I'm not totally sure what the point is of posting this here, but...you know, just in case...anyone wants to know the kinds of things I'm lusting after...? Although if you follow me on Tumblr you probably have a pretty good idea already. Alternately, you can just view it as a "HAY GUYS LOOK IT'S COOL STUFF WHAT I WANT AND I BET YOU DO TOO, LET US LUST AFTER IT TOGETHER".

As usual I've got my massive and also fairly unhelpful Kaboodle wishlist, which honestly is best as a "hey I should remember this for later because I probably want to buy it at some point" than an actual share-with-others wish list, because...well, you've seen it, you know why it's not overly useful. So then I was going to write up a better but somewhat less specific list but somehow that got long and complicated too, because this is me and I ramble, and now it's, oops, less than 10 days until my birthday? Well, I don't know if any of this is even relevant at this point, but...in case anyone's actually wondering (or just wants a peek into Kyra's weird brain, because...I like weird things?):

Gift cards. Gift cards are awesome, especially when it comes to clothes other than just t-shirts (or really any point where you're like "KYRA LIKES WEIRD STUFF. I CAN'T PICK ANYTHING"), because fit can be weird. Great places I'd love to get cards for:
  • ThinkGeek
  • Threadless
  • eBay
  • Forever21
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Value Village (no, I’m serious. Yes, I’m aware how pathetic this makes me.)
  • Claire's and/or Icing (or the Dimond Mall in general, even)
  • Fred Meyer
  • Michael’s
  • Hot Topic
  • Etsy.com has no gift-card option, sigh. A Paypal card for that specific purpose? I have a huge wishlist just for that site. (Most of those have been sold already, but that's because of the way Etsy works; most sellers put up multiple copies of their items.)

Semi-relevant: everything at my Tumblr that I tagged "want". You know, just...for ideas of the sort of thing I like...? In case anyone is interested in that?

Slightly more specific stuff:

  • An Alot. VERY NOT KIDDING. (You don't need to understand it, but if you want to, read The Alot Is Better Than You at Everything, because it is awesome.) I don't know if any of you have the desire/ability to knit something like that, though; I have no idea how complicated it would be.
  • Anything from To Write Love On Her Arms, especially shirts and bumper stickers
  • T-shirts (yes, I'm aware I already have too many. THERE ARE SO MANY I LOVE, OKAY.)  I always prefer women's/girl's/baby-tee sizes because, you know, they actually fit; I tend to be either a small or medium, which depends somewhat on the place in question.
  •  Mugs, I guess, although I have too many even though I keep wanting more, so...somewhere to put mugs?
  • A better lamp for my nightstand. Mine's a desk lamp and it's really hot (also it doesn't use conventional bulbs), so a slightly more normal one might be nice. I know Target had one with a sort of neo-Victorian print a while ago that I really liked.
  • I'd ask for books because books are awesome, duh, except that's another case where a gift card might be better? I do have a small wish list for books, so there's that, anyway.
  • Dolls and action figures. SHUT UP. Some of this is in stores right now; some of it's just stuff I want that would have to be bought off eBay or something, so...probably ignore those. Um, and yes, I actually do legit want an Alice doll, because Alice is actually awesome even though I hate Twilight in general. So...yeah. Also the Monster High dolls (it is a totally ridiculous vampire doll OF COURSE I WANT IT) seem to be no longer in production or something, but I think they should still be in stores. I don't know.
  • Bumper stickers--funny ones, geeky ones (like, just about anything from my fandoms), bands I like, places I've traveled. That kind of thing. At some point this year I decided since my car was crap anyway, I'd just be That Person and plaster it with bumper stickers. Uh, and I just made this section in my wish list and kind of went nuts with it? I...do that. Especially great: Serenity Valley, Cthulhu for President, Battlestar Galactica, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, Mind the Gap, Aperture Laboratories, Ravenclaw crest, Gallifrey Academy, Miskatonic University Student Parking. Yes I am a ridiculous nerd JUST GO WITH IT.
  • Vampire stuff, like...funny or cute things or whatever. I kind of collect this stuff. Like, I have a Dracula mug and a little vampire sock monkey and another vampire-monkey or something.
  • Anything Ravenclaw, pretty much.
  • A Roaming Gnome. Still not kidding. They had these for sale at Fred Meyer a while ago and they were precious.
  • More RAM and/or hard-drive space for my computer, or someone who will reformat it for me because ugh. (Although not really because I'd probably be super-paranoid about losing data and do 90% of the work anyway. More memory would be awesome though.)
  • Turkish apple tea, a.k.a. elma cay; Turko Baba is probably a good brand. I'm taking about a granulated instant drink here, not...proper tea in a tea bag. It's a thing in Turkey, and I think it's mostly a tourist thing but whatever, I like it. I know Amazon sells some of this; not sure what else.
  • Mulling spices like what we used to have?
  • Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark and/or Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses because I want to STOCKPILE IT ALL.
  • Converse, just about any I don't already have, preferably high-top, either men's sizes 6.5 or 7, or women's sizes 8.5 or 9
  • Rubber duckies. Not kidding. I kind of collect them. Anything funny or geeky or generally in line with my interests, basically. For instance, Sherlock Holmes duck, vampire duck, astro-duck
  • Anything steampunky (goggles, for instance)
  • Tibetan prayer flags, like what’s at Woolies (I just like how they look, and also they remind me of Disney World)
  • Boots, especially tallish brown boots with laces or buckles and low or no heel, although I tend to be a little hard to fit with such things
  • Fireworks star lights
  • Multi-colored little paper lanterns on a string of lights
  • Doctor Who anything, pretty much

More generally, stuff I tend to like regardless of what it is:

  • fleur de lis
  • camo print
  • lockets
  • pocket watch/clock anything
  • owls
  • cool rings
  • keys/locks
  • vintage stuff
  • travel-themed stuff, especially retro/vintage-travel-themed stuff (like, that kind of design, not necessarily stuff that's meant for travel)
  • Neo-Victorian-type designs, kind of like this? I can't find a very good example, unfortunately.

Things I would also love that don't cost money:
  • Well, knitting me an Alot would cost some time and money, but...it's crafting, so...
  • If anybody made fanart for anything I've written (or for any of the fandoms/ships I love, in general), I would possibly die of delight. Especially if it was fanart for any of my original fiction. Especially Thieves' Honor.
  • Fic, natch. You all probably have a pretty good idea of the kinds of things I like, although more specifically, I would also really love:
    • any of my Yuletide prompts, since obviously I'm only guaranteed to get one
    • fic for other small fandoms that I didn't request for Yuletide, like Firebird or Shaun Tan's The Arrival or...actually I can't think of any others offhand.
    • crossovers of Doctor Who with...just about anything, but I really really want to see the TARDIS land on the Satellite of Love. It would be epic. (Also I'd love to see the TARDIS landing in Aperture Labs shortly after the events of the first game because, you know, scary sentient computer who is Still Alive, someone should do something about that. Which might mean ignoring canon established by the new ending sequence and what we know so far about Portal 2, but I'm okay with that. Also I would love to see GLaDOS interacting with River Tam. I have no idea how that could possibly work but I suspect it would be awesome.)
    • also if you wanted to make a story out of anything tagged "holding stories inside" on Tumblr, that would cool. Uh, except that's basically everything. The ones I really want stories for are tagged "so many stories here" and there aren't as many of those. Also there's my "basically I love everything about this picture" tag which often overlaps.
  • FANMIXES. Basically same as everything I said about fanart. Or, you know, even just a "hey here's some music you might like!"

Date: 2010-12-10 02:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] piratecatarina.livejournal.com
I have 85% of an idea of what I want to make you for Birthdaymas, but I also am positive I won't get it done and to you, especially to you, by that time. So...I don't think it'll be as horribly late as the TARDIS/adipose was that one year, but it'll definitely not be before January. Unless I get my rear in gear and get it done soon, which might happen! Maybe!

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