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Yeah, I'm behind on some of my shows. Shut up. Once everything gets started, this semester I'll be watching Supernatural, Fringe, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and The Office. Also [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda's recap made me curious enough about True Blood to try the pilot ep, and...well, the vampire fangs are very lame, as are certain other bits of it, and as it's HBO there's an awful lot more sex and language than on most such shows, but...vampires. And Sookie is cute, and the worldbuilding is interesting, and...I don't know, really. Moonlight's not coming back and Twilight just makes me laugh (and the usually reliable Vivian Vande Velde's Companions of the Night was fairly awful after a very promising beginning; [livejournal.com profile] warriorofshadow knows what I mean--and should read Sunshine, stat, because it's a really excellent vampire novel).

And for what it's worth: Sam and Castiel are making me v. v. nervous but for entirely different reasons (although, hello, Sam? You have a totally uncomplicated belief in God and you pray, and that's great, but you're still cool with sexing up random chicks and DEALING WITH A DEMON, OH ALSO THERE IS THAT. Two-faced much?); Chuck is as hilarious and adorable as ever and manages to make me crack up one minute and very nearly tear up the next, which is quite the feat for a spy-spoof show; John Connor needs to ditch Riley and quit with the rebellious puberty nonsense, because hello, he's not like every other teenager and should probably remember that, and also it would be really nice to see one parent/child relationship on TV that didn't look like it was heading for the toilet, and also, John/Cameron would bother me a lot less at this point because Riley's so annoying, especially since Cameron seems to be developing some form of self-awareness with is v. cool, and also, hello, Summer Glau is my main reason for watching this show, but hey! At least John's emo bangs are gone; Jim/Pam has managed to reach new heights of adorableness, and I totally did not watch That Scene at least twice, but wow poor Toby; and Fringe...continues to rise somewhere just above "meh". I kind of love Walter because he's crazy, and I adore Peter because he's sarcastic and hilarious, something the show badly, badly needs because Olivia is so freaking earnest and everyone is all so THE PATTERN, IT ARE SRS BIZNES. Especially her boss, because if I have to hear him talking one more time about anything, I might just kill myself or cut my ears off or something. Especially since there doesn't even seem to be any pattern, just a completely unrelated series of weird stuff going down. Buuuut I like Peter and Walter enough to keep watching.

Oh, and I've also got myself hooked on Farscape, largely because [livejournal.com profile] agilebrit talks about it now and then and I finally decided, what the heck, it has four seasons, I ran out of Buffy and Angel a while ago and I need something to watch (not that I do now, with all these shows running this season, but whatever). The pilot didn't really do it for me, especially since my inner geek (who am I kidding, she doesn't even stay hidden) kept popping up and going "Um, what, he's not in a spacesuit for this launch? And he keeps calling them Canaveral? That's totally wrong, he'd be saying 'Mission Control,' did they even try to make this realistic?" That's what happens when you watch Apollo 13 too much and spend much of your childhood obsessed with the Space Race. I did eventually find out that John Crichton doesn't actually work with NASA but with a thinly fictionalized version of it, which makes some of it okay, but still. Whatever the case, I found it just so-so, especially since John spent most of said pilot not having a clue what was going on--but the fact that he did end up proving very useful to his shipmates and was obviously quite smart and resourceful once he got over the culture shock was a nice surprise, since a lot of shows like this seem to play off the "stupid human going along for the ride, thinks he's superior, is repeatedly proven wrong by actually superior aliens" card too much. Then the second episode pretty much did away with both problems, and it totally sold me with this exchange:
(John and Aeryn look out on a planet they've just crashed on)
JOHN: "Kinda like Louisiana. Or Dagobah." (Aeryn stares at him questioningly) "Dagobah. Where Yoda lives."
AERYN: "Who's Yoda?"
JOHN: "Just a little green guy. Trains warriors."

I don't know, I guess I just love it when fictional universes reference other fictional universes, especially here when Aeryn had been very superior about her knowledge of space and he came out with this planet that she didn't have a clue about. It's also nice that it seems overall less destined for catastrophic angst than most of my other shows, although really what do I know, right?

Anyway, Heroes and SJA. In non-fanfic-related things, MARIA WAAAAAH, but at least Luke is as adorable and awesome as ever, and Clyde is still hilarious, and...stuff. Rani Chandra had better be good, let me tell you. Also a good thing that IMDB shows Maria as coming back for the final two-parter, so that's also good...and this does open up plenty of Maria-in-America fic possibilities. Heroes...yeah, I'm basically classing this with Lost in the department of "I give up on caring for virtually every single one of these characters because as soon as I do they will either go evil or die". It's quite a ride and I'll keep watching, but still. As for Nathan, I have only one thing to say: uh, what the crap, dude, way to have the most bizarro epiphany ever. Peter--right, can we have present-day Peter back now, plzkthx.

Mostly though my reactions to both were pretty much "Well, wow, I got canon'd within the very first episodes of each new season, but...not badly, I can fix this, and I suppose that's what I get for writing fic that takes place right before a new season." I mean, I've never written in the Heroes-verse before (barely have still, really), but it is kind of funny that my whole "grafting" idea pretty much got blown out of the water by Mohinder's discovery in the very first ep of season 3, and in SJA, Sarah Jane clearly didn't know about the earlier Sontaran invasion or how ATMOS was connected to them, nor did Luke seem at all nervous around Mr. Smith. *shrug* But again, those sorts of little things happen when you play with a living canon, and they can be fixed.

Speaking of fic, what I'm talking about here is my [livejournal.com profile] dw_cross fic, which still has no comments and in fact probably hasn't really been read. *tear* It's insanely long and needs the abovementioned edits as well as a few more, so at some point it'll be reposted elsewhere, but I worked freaking hard on that thing, even if I'm not overly pleased with it.

...annnnd right now I should really be studying, working on my thesis proposal (some months overdue, yes), working on the column due Friday, picking pictures to send for a calendar at UAA due tomorrow, writing an entry on my travel blog, or making myself some kind of food before the Christian Union meeting at 7:30, which...should be interesting considering since Sunday (and more so yesterday and today) I've been at the stage of my cold where I pretty much can't talk. I already skipped a Creative Writing Society meeting I wanted to attend and a meeting of the student paper, largely for that reason.

Oh, and I just wasted a bunch of time last night on last.fm trying to see whose concerts I could actually attend and now have even more possibilities, some more realistic than others, so my poll in the last entry still very much needs your input.

Date: 2008-10-03 08:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] warriorofshadow.livejournal.com
Darn it! I was so ready for all these shows when I heard they were coming out, and what do I do? Forget completely and fall behind. *sigh* ah well. Oh, and I did start Sunshine! Oi, now I just gotta actually finish it. I read too slow! And yeah Companions of the Night was horrible ><

A word of advice, don't read Velde's old work, just stick to her new stuff. I read two other books by her that were old and one of them was ok, though rather dull and pointless, and the other was just as bad as the vampire one.

Anyway! I'm half way through part 1 of your story! (once again, i'm slow ><) I'd be farther, b ut I was kind of hoping to have watched some Heroes beforehand. Heh, that's certianly not gonna happen. My internet is dying, so downloading stuff isn't going too well, so yeah, ah well, I don't know anyone (other then Hiro of course) so any spoilers won't exactly make sense so that's good. Anyway, I'm done with this very long comment ^^
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