Dec. 9th, 2010

100indecisions: my chains are broken (cute | BABY PENGUIN)
Because...I never update unless I can paste in something I've already written? Which I can because I sent this out to family yesterday? Only my timing is really stupid because it's like 6 days until my birthday and 17 until Christmas? (...I should really start mailing packages.)

So I'm not totally sure what the point is of posting this here, know, just in case...anyone wants to know the kinds of things I'm lusting after...? Although if you follow me on Tumblr you probably have a pretty good idea already. Alternately, you can just view it as a "HAY GUYS LOOK IT'S COOL STUFF WHAT I WANT AND I BET YOU DO TOO, LET US LUST AFTER IT TOGETHER".

Long list with links, and also rambling. Pasted directly from the e-mail because I'm lazy. )

Things I would also love that don't cost money:
  • Well, knitting me an Alot would cost some time and money,'s crafting, so...
  • If anybody made fanart for anything I've written (or for any of the fandoms/ships I love, in general), I would possibly die of delight. Especially if it was fanart for any of my original fiction. Especially Thieves' Honor.
  • Fic, natch. You all probably have a pretty good idea of the kinds of things I like, although more specifically, I would also really love:
    • any of my Yuletide prompts, since obviously I'm only guaranteed to get one
    • fic for other small fandoms that I didn't request for Yuletide, like Firebird or Shaun Tan's The Arrival or...actually I can't think of any others offhand.
    • crossovers of Doctor Who with...just about anything, but I really really want to see the TARDIS land on the Satellite of Love. It would be epic. (Also I'd love to see the TARDIS landing in Aperture Labs shortly after the events of the first game because, you know, scary sentient computer who is Still Alive, someone should do something about that. Which might mean ignoring canon established by the new ending sequence and what we know so far about Portal 2, but I'm okay with that. Also I would love to see GLaDOS interacting with River Tam. I have no idea how that could possibly work but I suspect it would be awesome.)
    • also if you wanted to make a story out of anything tagged "holding stories inside" on Tumblr, that would cool. Uh, except that's basically everything. The ones I really want stories for are tagged "so many stories here" and there aren't as many of those. Also there's my "basically I love everything about this picture" tag which often overlaps.
  • FANMIXES. Basically same as everything I said about fanart. Or, you know, even just a "hey here's some music you might like!"

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